Dudley befreinds the owner of a puppet shop. But Kitty knows all kinds of dirt about who he really is.


  • Kitty:"GOOD GREIF!!"
  • Kitty:"Sorry,Would of been here sooner but i took a shortcut in quick drying cement street."
  • Dudley:"YEAH,WE ALL DO!!"
  • Kitty:"Dudlys freinds with a naxi!I saw him before."
  • Keswick:"How do you know him?"
  • Kitty:"Uh,Yeah.About that,i used your time machine to go to the World War 2."
  • Keswick:"YOU DID WHAT!!!!"
  • Kitty:"Any who,It was WWII.I was i pilot,thanks to keswicks time machine.The war was nearlly over,but i took a hit and fell to the ground.the pilot was Fresaught wunderbah."
  • Keswick:"Kitty,that could of altered the futre."
  • Chief:"That must be why a giant octopuss is attacking petropilous,The Caped cods 50-feet tall and im 20 years older."
  • Keswick:'Are you happy now Katswell?....Now that the chiefs an elder?"

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