Plot: Dudley and Kitty switch species.


  • Keswick: I would like to present my new invention.....NAME IMP-P-P-PENDING! (Yeah! Whoo-hoo! Genius!) It allows you and some other guy to think his or her th-th-th-thoughts. I'd like to test it on Kitty and Dudley.
  • Kitty: I never agreed to this. (Gets inside the machine)
  • Dudley: You owe me 10 bucks, pal.
  • Keswick: No, I lied.
  • Dudley: You Wha- (locks door and turns on)
  • Big puff of smoke
  • Kitty: (coughs and gags, comes out looking more furry and brown and has dog ears and also has a yellowish detail with two circles on her eyes and surrounding her nose witch are both connected) What happened?
  • Dudley: I dunno... (looks like Kitty's past fur colour and has cat ears)
  • Keswick looks shocked
  • Kitty: Wait, you look like a cat!
  • Dudley: And you're a dog!
  • Kitty and Dudley: KESWICK!!!
  • Keswick: Okay, it m-m-m-must've switched your species. Just make sure it doesn't go to your head and you'll be f-f-f-fine.
  • Kitty: Oh, come on Keswick. It hasn't effected our minds or any... BALL!!!
  • TBC

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