Intro: Monte Carlo

  • (Episode starts with a view of the Monte Carlo Casino. Kitty and Dudley, dressed elegantly are shown entering the casino.)
  • Dudley: (wearing the Tuxedo from "Puppy Love" and bouncing excitedly) Kitty! Kitty! Kitty! We're here! We're here! We're here! Beautiful Monte Carlo! So what should we do first? (pops in holding the appropriate following) Poker, marbles, Slot Machines? (continues bouncing exitedly)
  • Kitty: (wearing a blue dress and silver tiara) We're here to meet up with Keswick, who's recently been transporting "The Big Cheese".
  • Dudley: (stops bouncing) The Big who?
  • Kitty: "The Big Cheese", the world's stinkiest cheese in all of the world. Legend says that it's stench can knock out everyone in an entire building. The only animal who can resist its stench is a stink bug.
  • Keswick (VO): And that's why it was never r-r-realeased from its container.
  • Dudley: Keswick! You're here!
  • (at this point Keswick is shown, wearing a biohazard suit)
  • Keswick: I'm so glad you guys came. You can help me with decorating "The Big Cheese"

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