Monte Stinko is a Season 2 episode.


When the Stink Bug wants the stinkiest cheese in the world, and sends a shape-shifting expert to Monte Carlo to do so, can Dudley and Kitty stop them and save the cheese?


Monte Stinko/Transcript


  • First time The Chameleon wears a tuxedo.
  • Dudley's tuxedo from Puppy Love returns
  • This episode was previously titled "The Big Cheese"
  • The title of this episode is a parody of the city's name Monte Carlo
  • During the "Perfume Department" sequence, one of the songs from "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" plays.
  • First time Keswick appears without Chief.


  • Stink Bug: And once I get my hands on Monte Carlo, I'll become—No pun intended—The Big Cheese!
    • Dudley: But you're not a piece of cheese.
  • Chameleon: Ohh, sweet shrimp!
  • Keswick: (before fainting) This is not gonna end well.

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