Meet The Beatimals is a Season 2 episode.


Snaptrap, Chameleon, Snowflake, and Bird Brain have teamed up to form an all-villain band called the Beatimals, and they have got Kitty and Dudley beat! Will T.U.F.F. face the music or can they put an end to the mad tunes?


  • The title is a parody of the album "Meet the Beatles" and the whole episode is a parody of The Beatles.
  • The name "Beatimals" is a portemanteau of Beatles and Animals.
  • Apparently, the first form that the Chameleon takes in this episode resemble power-Suit Samus from Metroid. (in black and green colors)


  • Snaptrap: Hey, Lame Brain! Watch where you're going!
    • Bird Brain: Snaptrap! How dare you get in my way of their demise!

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