Plot: Keswick's new brain switching experiment screws up and Kitty ends up with half of Dudley's brain. The new Dudley refuses to admit that he's just Kitty's body with a part of Dudley's brain. Luckily, Kesweck kept Kitty's brain when Kitty became Dudley for the first time. But when Snaptrap switches his brain into Kitty's body, Dudley has to turn Kitty back to normal on the run.


  • (The screen starts black as two power cables connect. They are put down to reveal Keswick's shirt and coat. He moves off screen to reveal Dudley and Kitty strapped to metal beds)
  • Kitty: So, what's this do again?
  • Keswick: These switcher beds are supposed to s-s-switch your brains. If it works perfectly, Kitty should have Dudley's brain and Dudley should have K-K-K-Kitty's brain.
  • Kitty: This is good. Why?
  • Dudley: Cool! Let's fire this baby up!
  • Kitty: Before we do, can I at least say one thi...
  • Keswick: Too late!
  • (Keswick pulls a lever and sparks appear over their heads. Bolts shoot off the beds. There is a big explosion and a puff of smoke covers the screen)
  • Dudley: Wow! Dusty!
  • Keswick: Is everyone okay?
  • Dudley: I think so. Is bruised liver a good thing?
  • Keswick: Well, it seems th-th-that it didn't really work out well enough.
  • Dudley: Then I guess everything is back to normal!
  • Kitty: (as Dudley) Hi gee gee!!!!!
  • Keswick: No, it is not.
  • TBC

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