Gender: None
Hair color:       None
Eye color:       Red, yellow, or green
Species: Mattermen
Personal Information
  Trouble makers
  Anyone they are ordred to attack

They're mean and vicious little minions who only have enough intellegence to do what thier ordered to. Despite thier short size (only about the size of Keswick) they will not hesitate to attack!


They are artificial-creatures developed in a test tube lab. One of Franz Ferdinand's scientist created them as an effort to make up for casualties in Franz's conquest of Europe. However Franz turned them down, becuase of thier unpredictable nature. However the scientist later made ones that are less savage, only when attacking are they savage. They end up being usefull to Franz's plans.


They are all black with pointy ears and a round stubby body. They have glowing red, green, or yellow eyes with black irises. Their hands have sharp finger tips. They have sharp teeth-like spikes in their mouths. They are strong enough to crush cars. Beware! they can spit acid from their mouths, the acid is strong enough to desolve asphalt! One more thing to watch out for is they can self-destruct! The explosion is strong enough to destroy a two-story building.

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