Gender: Female
Hair color:       Silver
Eye color:       Yellow
Species: Mouse
Age: Possible 30s
Birthday: Unknown
Personal Information
  Veronica Snaptrap (Sister-In-Law)



  Tiffany Puppy

Mandy Puppy

The Chief (2nd Gen)


All T.U.F.F. Agents

Larry (Father)
Veronica's Big Brother (Current Husband)
Veronica Snaptrap (Sister-in-law)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Mall Rat (2nd Gen)
Last Appearance:
  YTBD (Yet To Be Determined)

Mary is the shrew and shy future daughter of Larry. She appears in the spin-off "T.U.F.F. Puppy: The 2nd Generation" and she is a member of the Future D.O.O.M..


Mary is a Go-With-The-Flow, Shrew, Shy kind of girl that obeys commands at her own risk. Mary is usually always frightened even by her own shadow, And has a big fear of her Sister-In-Law, Veronica Snaptrap.


Mary bears a strong resemblence to her father, Except she wears a grey labcoat with a forest green skirt. She also has the same ratty hair as her father, And the same glasses. She also wears light pink lipstick with long, spikey eyelashes that are similar to Larry's eyebrows.

Relationships/Reactions to other Characters

Tiffany Puppy

Though Tiffany and Mary seem to have a molecue-sized relationship between each other, Tiffany appeared to show a caring side for Mary in the fan episode "Pup Mommy" Where Mary was turned into a baby along with her crew.

Mandy Puppy

Mary and Mandy appear to have similarities between each other:

  • Both are normally injured by their partners and/or leaders
  • Both are timid and shy
  • Both can be helpful
  • and Both of them usually end up coming up with the Plans that their leaders/partners use.

Still, They do not like each other and do not get along.


Mary and Kesandrea are not the best of the best, But they can get along at some points. They normally like to talk of their similarties whenever possible, But most of the time, They are Arch Enemies.

Helen "Chief" Dumbrowski

Mary and Helen never seem to have a good relationship, And they dislike each other for everything, Their looks, Their clothing, etc. Surprisingly, Mary an Helen never seem to get in good contact with each other, And they never seem to get along.

Veronica Snaptrap

They can never seem to get along well ether. Veronica usually ends up dunking Mary into the Shark Tank, Because of Mary's whining and antics. Is it revealed that Mary often dreams of Veronica exploding and putting a Cobra in her dress; And that they are Step-Siblings due to Mary marrying Veronica's older brother (Who is unknown).


Ellie and Mary are pals, And they both have a friendly relationship between each other.


Francois and Mary are pals, And they both have a snarky relationship between each other.

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