Fan-made episodes.

Season 1 (2010-2011)

Title card Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 Tuff, Tuffer, and Tuffest December 18, 2010 1a 11
Dudley, Keswick, Snaptrap, and Francisco enter a T.U.F.F.-D.O.O.M. wrestling contest, but Snaptrap and Francisco cheat.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 Deja Voodle December 18, 2010 1b 22
Dudley's childhood enemy, Missy Poodle, joins T.U.F.F. Now, Dudley must try to hide from Missy so she won't quit.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 Smart Dog December 30, 2010 2a 33
Dudley gets zapped by a smart ray that makes him turn smart.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 1+1=Dudley December 30, 2010 2b 44
Dudley takes math class for dogs and he thinks the math class only does adding. What will he do?
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 Rocket To Dogs January 29, 2011 3a 55
Dudley goes to Mars and he tries to go back to Earth.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 Dudley, Kitty, And A Cow January 29, 2011 3b 66
Dudley and Kitty go to a farm in which they meet a cow. But the cow is Snaptrap in disguise. Meanwhile The Cheif gets a visitor.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 High Streaks Dog Feburary 14, 2011 4a 77
Dudley begins to feel very streaky about a TV show he saw on TV.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 Make Mine Kitty Feburary 14, 2011 4b 88
Kitty begins to make music which leads into trouble.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 The Silliest and Wackiest Adventures of Dudley Feburary 27, 2011 5a 99
Dudley discovers he's a star in a new TV show.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 Born to Be Dog Feburary 27, 2011 5b 1010
Dudley thinks he was born to be T.U.F.F.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 Lone Pup March 9, 2011 6a 1111
Dudley's training at T.U.F.F. is almost complete. He must complete his first solo mission to finish his training
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 Breaker Doodles March 9, 2011 6b 1212
Parody of a Daffy Duck cartoon. T.U.F.F. agent Dudley Puppy must stop Breaker from painting mustaches in Petropolis and bring him to justice
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 Inspection Day March 29, 2011 7a 1313
It is inspection day at T.U.F.F., where an ex-cheif named Kerdnal makes sure everything runs smoothly, but when the Cheif makes one slip, he is replaced by Kerdnal until he can find a new cheif to run the agency. It is up to Dudley and Kitty to get the Cheif back before Kerdnal finds a new cheif, or T.U.F.F. could be in major trouble.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 Too Much Villian March 29, 2011 7b 1414
All the villians decide to work together when they realize that the only way to stop T.U.F.F. is to highly outnumber the agents, but in the planning process, they start hating each other and cause many riots.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 Brain Drain April 24, 2011 8a 1515
After a hard day of work, Dudley accidentally slips into Keswick's new invention: The Brain Drainer 2000!!! Everybody's hating the STUPID version of Dudley, with only one exception: Snaptrap. The scheming rat has a plan to make Dudley turn AGAINST T.U.F.F, and it works! Will the team save Dudley and restore his brain, or will Dudley work for D.O.O.M with no idea what he's doing?
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 The Ice Phantom April 24, 2011 8b 1616
It's Winter Break, and T.U.F.F gets a week off to celebrate the holidays! However, while going sledding, Dudley meets an old ice phantom named Dan (Short for Danny). Dudley then gets worried, because the phantom will freeze Dudley solid if he doesn't find a way to keep Danny's hideout a secret (Dudley accidentally damaged the sealed entrance, making Danny's home visible.)! Will dudley succeed, or will time FREEZE for him?
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 Dog Dash June 24, 2011 9a 1717
With Snaptrap and Birdbrain working on plans at the same time and with Dudley being the only T.U.F.F. Agent not severly damaged, Dudley starts to worry about defeating the two villains without letting one get away with their plan. However, Dudley soon uses Keswick's new Invention, The Speed Shoes, and starts to run at the speed of sound! However, the invention gets out of control, and it's up to Dudley to stop the speed in the shoes! Will he hit the brakes, or will he dash on forever?
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 New Villain in Town May 3, 2011 9b 1818
Snaptrap hires an apprentice, and soon the apprentice goes power hungry and creates a device to KILL every living thing in Petropolis! Will he succeed, or will Dudley stop him?
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 A Mile In My Paw June 24, 2011 10a 1919
Kitty has tried to keep control of Dudley, but after Dudley's next crazy attempt to foil the bad guy, Kitty exclaims to The Chief that Dudley is becoming too crazy, while Dudley thinks Kitty's being too bossy. So soon, Keswick comes in and says that Dudley should live Kitty's live for a day, and vice versa. So, Keswick has Dudley dress like Kitty (Jump Suit, Hair, and everything), and Kitty tries to be as crazy as Dudley would normally be. But, when the day is over, Keswick realizes that Kitty wasn't pretending to act like Dudley, but they actually switched their personaities with Keswick's new Invention! Can Keswick make it right, or will the duo of Dudley and Kitty be on each other's side of the mind FOREVER?
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 Bug Gone Bonkers May 3, 2011 10b 2020
Dudley finds out that there's a new type of Rabies that can only spread in bugs! While Dudley fears for the Chief's safety and Keswick tries to make a gel that can keep the germs away, The Chief isn't worried AT ALL! But soon, The Chief's old arch-nemesis, The Beastle, arrives at T.U.F.F. with the disease, and when Dudley tries to defeat the old enemy of The Chief, he realizes that there's a lock on a forcefield that The Beastle's in, which makes him INVINCIBLE!!! Can Dudley save The Chief, or will The Chief get the new Roach Rabies?
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 T.U.F.F. Meets Spongebob July 5, 2011 11a 2121
Dudley and Kitty are given a special assignment to stop Plankton and every villian from their world. So they team up with Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, and Sandy to save both their worlds.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 Dudley Fanboy July 5, 2011 11b 2222
Dudley and Kitty help Fanboy and Chum Chum battle their worst enemy.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 Polterfeast July 31, 2011 12a 2323
The ghost inside the turkey has been eaten by Dudley.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#FF0000 Mermaid Powers July 31, 2011 12b 2424
Dudley and Kitty get there Mermaid Powers all over the city. There over and there fast, Spree and gives the Mermaid Powers there curse.

Season 2 (2011-2012)

Title card Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff Back to the Present August 20, 2011 13 125
50 years in the future, Old Chameleon time travels to the present to teach the villains how to defeat T.U.F.F.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff The Dudley Clues October 24, 2011 14a 226
Dudley goes looking for Kitty after Snaptrap kidnaps her.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff It Came from Planet Dudley October 24, 2011 14b 327
After watching a science fiction movie, Kitty thinks Dudley is an alien.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff T.U.F.F. Break November 3, 2011 15a 428
Kitty's break is cut short after Dudley ruins her break.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff Coquetear con la Victoria November 3, 2011 15b 529
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff What's Opera Dudley November 4, 2011 16a 630
Dudley tries to be good at singing during a rehearsal of a "The Magic Flute" parody.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff Meet the Katswells November 5, 2011 16b 731
Kitty visits her family.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff Beavers and Doggones November 6, 2011 17a 832
Dagget and Norbert appear from "The Angry Beavers".
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff Homicide Horrors November 7, 2011 17b 933
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff The Chameleon's Apprentice November 8, 2011 18a 1034
The Chameleon recruits his nephew, Junior (Kath Soucie) into helping him defeat T.U.F.F with an army of DNA minions that have the same power as The Chameleon's suit.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff Kitty in Catland December 29, 2011 18b 1135
Bird Brain hypnotizes Kitty and is transported into her mind and discovers it's a cat's paridise.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff The Kitty Katswell Show March 2, 2012 19 1236
A sequel to the T.U.F.F. Puppy episode, "Iron Mutt". Kitty finally gets the recognition she finally deserves. Starring Kitty Katswell & her unfunny, stupid sidekick.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff Clown Trouble March 23, 2012 20a 1337
Dudley has trouble rehearshing an act as a clown during a circus performance.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff The Amazing World Of Dudley March 23, 2012 20b 1438
Dudley and Matoro try to return a DVD.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff Gorilla Brain April 21, 2012 21a 1539
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff Time Under Fan Forever April 21, 2012 21b 1640
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff Prodertater D.O.O.M. May 14, 2012 22a 1741
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff Mission: Dance Party May 14, 2012 22b 1842
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff Tuffer Puppy May 29, 2012 23a 1943
Dudley is given a scientific suit enhancer. However, the suit slowly begins to erase his affection for his friends.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff The Gift of Gab May 29, 2012 23b 2044
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff D.O.O.M. Jack June 20, 2012 24a 2145
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff White Caverage June 20, 2012 24b 2246
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff Return of The Bunnies July 5, 2012 25a 2347
Snowflake and Slush, now with their old lady leader, want to steal ice circles and destroy T.U.F.F.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff Chief Dudley July 5, 2012 25b 2448
Dudley has to be the leader of T.U.F.F. while the Chief is in the hospital.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff Curse You Whimsicley Themed Airplane Resturaunt! July 12, 2012 26a 2549
The airplane rsturaunt from Mom-A-Geddon turns out to be real.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff The Justice Dogs July 12, 2012 26b 2650
Dudley hires a new crew "The Justice Dogs" in order to help T.U.F.F. but Snaptrap tries to destroy them.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff Dudley Posey July 25, 2012 27a 2751
Dudley accidentally gets hit by Keswick's paralize ray and is permentley stuck in the pose like in the picture to the left.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#00bfff T.U.F.F's New Rival July 25, 2012 27b 2852
Carter Carbon, an echidna villian, returns to exact his revenge on T.U.F.F.Will he be succesfuf, xor will Dudley and Kitty defeat him?

Season 3 (2012-2013)

Title card Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#ffffff 2 years in the past August 14, 2012 28a 153
Agent Ralph Wolf flashbacks about his early rookie years at T.U.F.F.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#ffffff

Four Score,And Snap Years In The Past || August 14, 2012

Snaptrap builds a laser that takes Petropolis back to the Civil War,where they are mistakened for soldiers[and medics],and are forced to battle in the Battle For Petropolis.\

Note:This is a parody of the American Civil War,when this takes place.

rowspan="2" bgcolor=#ffffff T.U.F.F Hedgehog: Part 1 August 21, 2012 29a 355
T.U.F.F must team up with Sonic and Tails to defeat Eggman,Eggman Nega,Scourge the Hedgehog,and Fiona Fox.
Note: This is a two part episode.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#ffffff T.U.F.F Hedgehog: Part 2 August 21, 2012 29b 456
When all hope is almost lost,and our heroes are on the vege of defeat,Ralph,Keswick,and Tails come up with an idea that might make them win.
Note: This is a two part episode.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#ffffff Rise of Metalback September 3, 2012 30a 557
The T.U.F.F. Agents are going to Australia to see the Ga'Hoole tree.
Note: This episode is based on Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#ffffff A New Gang September 3, 2012 30b 658
Tony Waxer,a cat who wants a fresh start,creates a agency named M.M.E.O.W[Mad Men Eat Onions Weakly],and gets three villians who are also new to the gig.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#ffffff T.U.F.F. TV November 23, 2012 31a 759
The T.U.F.F. agents get stared on an TV show. Meanwhile Snaptrap tries destroying T.U.F.F.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#ffffff Kittydred Spirits November 23, 2012 31b 860
Kitty feels lonely so Dudley desguies himself as a boyfriend.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#ffffff A Vietnamese Affair-Part 1 December 13, 2012 32a 961

Starson Vietnam,a bird from the jungle,moves to Petropolis from Viatnam,but little does he know that the Viatnamese Border Patrol chase the plane,trying to destroy it,and capture everyone on board. Note:This is a two part episode.

rowspan="2" bgcolor=#ffffff A Vietnamese Affair-Part 2 December 13, 2012 32b 1062
Starson Vietnam joins T.U.F.F,and passes.But,his first mission is not what he does first...he goes after the Border Guards who have been harrasing him first!
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#ffffff Feline Hunter Janurary 29, 2013 33a 1163
The stink bug is going to stink up Petropolis with his new produced weapon, "The Stink Ink".
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#ffffff Good Point Janurary 29, 2013 33b 1264
A new villain, the Honey Bee comes to poision honey!

Season 4 (2013)

Title card Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#0000FF The Chameleon's Dance August 12, 2013 34a 165
The Chameleon has described, if the citzens won't do as he tells, then he'll use a dance-ray to make them dance until they'll do as he says.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#0000FFRodent Mayham August 12, 2013 34b 266
Murray's new recrute, Ms. Golden who looks like Kitty Katswell, but Golden is her evil twin, plots to turn every thing into GOLD!
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#0000FF The Corps August 19, 2013 35a 367
Carter Carbon forms a gang called "The Corps".Much to Dudley,Ralph,and Kitty,they're a pretty tough gang!
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#0000FF The Symbiote 35b 468
A black symbiote attaches to Ralph Wolf in his sleep,giving him a black suit.He roams the street,beating up villians is easier with the suit.However,he's mistaken as a villian and put in jail.His cell mates,Carter Carbon and his,for the first time shown,Carter's brother,John.Ralph,in rage,breaks the cell bars,fights through guards,and escapes to prove his innocence.However,a red symbiote enters the cell,morphing to Carter.Carter then follows Ralph,leaving John by himself.Ralph and Carter then fight each other,with Ralph beating Carter.The symbiotes then leave,possiblytrying to find someone else.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#0000FF Dudley's Birthday | 36a 569
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#0000FF Kitty Maze 36b 670
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#0000FF 37a 771
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#0000FF 37b 872
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#0000FF 38a 973
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#0000FF 38b 1074
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#0000FF 39a 1175
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#0000FF 39b 1276
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#0000FF 40a 1377
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#0000FF 40b 1478
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#0000FF Battle of Sunnyside Daycare 41 1579
The T.U.F.F. agents are going to battle against Lotso and his minions in the Sunnyside Daycare. in the disposal dump. But Snaptrap uses the scorpion bottle to drop the poison to turn Lotso in the fire-breathing scorpion.
rowspan="2" bgcolor=#0000FF A T.U.F.F Finish 42-43 1579
This is the series finale.

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