Season 1

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Hill-Top Dog T.U.F.F. has to compete in a mountain climbing contest in order to keep their job.
2 Dog Dilema While Dudley falls asleep on duty,D.O.O.M. steals almost all items inside T.U.F.F.
3 Puppy Bravery When on a mission in the Petropolis acves, Dudley starts feeling scared.
4 Cat-Cross The Lake When she has a fear of water and cant find a way across Lake Petropolis,Kitty tries to be brave and swim across.
5 Dog Drains The Lake After Dudley accidentally drains Lake Petropolis,Keswick finds peices of his homemade toaster:R.I.T.A.
6 Cat Leap Kitty decides to use her leaping skills to defeat villians.
7 King Of Mutts After Dudley finds out he is king of all dogs,he uses his dog friends as an army to have Petropolis for himself.
8 Bungee-Dog Dudley tries to set a record for longest time bungee jumping.
9 Puppy Wheel D.O.O.M. has decided to steal all the steering wheels of Petropolis.
10 Kitty-Cat Moves Kitty has decided to teach Dudley some of her moves.
11 Rooftop Pup D.O.O.M. has decided to open their liar onto the rooftops.
12 Puppy Swing-Along Dudley decides to start swinging all over Petropolis.
13 Lights Out Dog After T.U.F.F. comes back from their cruise ship, D.O.O.M. shuts down the light house.
14 Extreme Mutt Dudley starts to go extreme by blowing up stuff.
15 Cruise Cat Kitty takes a vacation and while on her vacation,T.U.F.F. starts to get weak when D.O.O.M. attacks.
16 Puppy Go Boom When not working,D.O.O.M. sets off bombs inside T.U.F.F.
17 Cat Castle While at the beach, Kitty builds a giant sand castle that she claims her new home.
18 Life-Guard Dog On Duty Dudley gets a new job as a life guard.
19 Mutty Moat The Cheif decides to build a moat around T.U.F.F.
20 Sea Cave Cod The Caped Cod has decided to open his kingdom in the Petropolis Sea Caves.
21 Bumper Mutt Dudley starts playing hooky to go play bumper cars.
22 Slip Sliding Puppy Dudley floods T.U.F.F. with slippery soap.
23 Tower Of D.O.O.M D.O.O.M. opens their lair on top of a tower.
24 Kid Saver The Cheif gives Kitty a job as saving kids in danger.
25 Squirel Gone Nutz T.U.F.F. does everything they can to help Agent Nutz.
26 Dog-Eat-Dog Madame Catastrophe and Dr. Rabies return, and Kitty and Dudley are in for some serious competition.
27 Lay An Egg Kitty and Dudley want to figure out what kind of animal Keswick is, with the help of Pogo the Eco-Possum.
28 Playing Possum The TUFF Puppy and Pogo Possum Crossover.
29 [[Rat-ification] Snaptrap becomes a judge.
30 Warp and Woof Dudley learns how TUFF became the agency he knows of and works in today.
31 Little Snappy's Snaptrap opens a pizza restaurant.
32 Potluck Puppy Dudley hears there's a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, and sets off to find it. But he's not the only one who wants it!
33 TUFF Fraggles The TUFF Puppy and Fraggle Rock Crossover.

Season 2

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Lab Rat Snaptrap and Keswick switch places.
2 No Bugs About It After insulting the Chief, Dudley cannot say anything bad about him/his species or he will get fired.
3 Pogo Puppy Pogo Possum and Dudley switch places, just so Dudley can spend more time with Kitty.
4 Mad Dog Dudley wins a trophy for eating a 20 pound hamburger, but Snaptrap steals it and Dudley demands Kitty, Chief, and Keswick to help him get it back.
5 Dogzilla Dudley grows to giant size with Keswick's growth ray, and starts eating all the clocks in Petropolis. Now it's up to Kitty, Chief and Keswick to stop him.
6 Mega Brains Keswick grows to giant size.
7 Wild Dog Dudley and Kitty set off on a mission to find some of the world's rarest animals.
8 Soul Singer Dudley believes he could sing like his favorite singer, Snoop Dog.
9 TUFF Possum Pogo Possum becomes a TUFF agent. 
10 Puppy Power Dudley becomes an unstoppable superhero.
11 Puppy for President Everyone wants Dudley to be president, that is, except Dudley himself!
12 Smarties Keswick makes clones of himself. 
13 Possum Day It's Pogo Possum's birthday, and Kitty wants to spend time with him. But the only thing getting in between their relationship is Dudley!
14 Impollutable Puppy Dudley and Kitty must stop bad guys from polluting Petropolis.
15 Zoo Dog Dudley thinks he belongs in a zoo. 
16 Love That Dog Kitty falls in love with Dudley.
17 An Evil Life The TUFF agents wonder why bad guys are evil. 
18 Puppy Party It's Dudley's birthday, and he has a fun-filled day planned, but no one else is willing to spend that time with him.
19 A Wild Blue Wonder The TUFF agents go on a whale watch, and they soon realize how wonderful it is.
20 Vet Peeves Dudley tells Kitty, Keswick, and The Chief that he thinks going to the vet is a bad thing.
21 Doodle Puppy Dudley becomes an artist. 
22 The Deep Freeze A really big snowstorm enters Petropolis, but the TUFF agents think it is impossible to stop.
23 A Whale of a Time Dudley and Kitty are requested to perform at a show in an amusement park called "Ocean-Land" by a whale named "Whamu".
24 Dudley Dog-Gone Dudley decides to quit being a TUFF agent. 
25 Whack-a-Possum Dudley is fed up with Kitty and Pogo's relationship, so he comes up with a secret plan to get rid of Pogo once and for all!
26 Prehysterical Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy in prehistorical times.
27 Puppy Mars Dudley goes to Mars and fights aliens.
28 Playing With The Time The T.U.F.F. agents accidentally enter a time machine that takes the past, so also enters Snaptrap to ruin the future.
29 Deficient Suit The Chameleon's molecular tranformation suits are undermined by a very long time thanks to Dudley. He accidentally throws him cold soda, with the bad idea to use all their costumes for more power.
30 Snaptrap's Mom The T.U.F.F. agents record Internet videos for Snaptrap being scolded by his mother.
31 Beach Vacations The T.U.F.F. agents take vacations to the beach but Snaptrap, Birdbrain and The Chameleon want to ruin them.
32 Week of the Jokes Dudley jokes all the inhabitants of Petropolis for a week.
33 Animal Idol Dudley and the Chief enter a singing reality show posing as Keswick and Kitty, respectively. Meanwhile Snaptrap enters the program successfully to steal a valuable trophy.

Season 3

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Kitty's Silver Gold Medal
2 Dudley's Burgers
3 Dudley Katswell Keswick's latest invention accidently turns Dudley and Kitty into one person!
4 Life is T.U.F.F.
5 No Place Like D.O.O.M
6 United Jet Blance

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