Summary: Keswick makes Dudley a master of kung fu when Bird Brain learns karate, but it malfunctions and Dudley turns into whatever he hears.

Main Antagonist: Bird Brain

Things Dudley Turns Into

  • A kung fu dog - created by Keswick
  • A karate dog - said by Bird Brain when he was talking about himself
  • A dolphin - said by the Chief when he was learning to swim
  • A dinosaur - said by a time traveller
  • A firefighter - said by a firefighter when there was a fire
  • A tornado - said by Keswick when there was a storm
  • A giant worm - said by a worm when he wanted to be one
  • A coconut - said by Snaptrap when he wanted to go to a tropical island
  • A boulder - said by the Chief to crush Snaptrap
  • A maze - said by Snaptrap so T.U.F.F. couldn't find him
  • A blaster - said by Agent Kitty when she wanted to blast Snaptrap
  • A ladybug - said by the Chameleon because he wanted to eat one
  • Godzilla - said by Keswick to destroy the Chameleon
  • A cannon - said by the Chief to send Bird Brain home
  • A normal dog that wouldn't turn into anything that people said - said by Dudley to fix everything

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