Well, Everyone, A New Fic I'm writing, Hope you guys like the newest Twist I'm adding!

Edit: Finally Finished! Thanks for all the inspiration, Guys!



Tiffany and Mandy wonder where Babies come from, And Dudley quickly becmes apprehensive. Meanwhile, Kitty has trouble admitting to Dudley that she will be having another baby.


[It's 6:00am in Petropolis, And Dudley is seen walking down the stairs in a Bathrobe with a cup of Coffee, When he sees Kitty laying on the couch, Watching T.V.]

  • Dudley: Kitty, Is that you?
  • Kitty: Dudley? Yes, It's me.
  • Dudley: Whatcha doin'? [Jumps onto the Couch, Knocking Kitty off]
  • Kitty: *With a Dazed look on her face* Ugh, Just watching T.V.
  • Mandy: [Stumbles down stairs] Mom, Can I ask you a question?
  • Kitty: Not now, Mandy, Mommy has to go to the bathroom for a minute...[Walks away]
  • Tiffany: [Stumbles down stairs like Mandy did] Dad, Can I ask you a question?
  • Mandy: Can I too?
  • Dudley: Ummm, Sure, I guess?
  • Tiffany & Mandy: Where do Babies come from?
  • Dudley: *Gulp* Oh, no....

[Meanwhile, The Camera pans toward the Bathroom Door, Whilst Kitty is inside the Bathroom, Talking to the Doctor on the Phone.]

  • Kitty [Talking to the Doctor]: What do you mean?! I CAN'T have another child! I just CAN'T! No, No, Yes, NO! WHAT?! No way! Doctor, I can't do this...Hello?...Helloooo? *Growls* [Slams Phone onto the Bathroom Sink, Walks out of the Bathroom, Looking shaken up]
  • Dudley: [Is seen staring off into space]
  • Kitty: Dudley? Dudley? [Waves hands in front of Dudley]
  • Dudley: [Faints]
  • Kitty: Wha? Okay, Girls, [Turns to Girls] What did you do to your father this time?
  • Tiffany: We asked him where babies come from.
  • Mandy: Yea! Then he just froze that way! We've been trying to snap him out of it.
  • Kitty: [Facepalm] *Groans*

[Later that Day, Kitty is scheduled for a Doctor's Appointment at 12:00am. And Tiffany and Mandy keep on trying to snap Dudley out of his trance, Or, Whatever he was thinking...]


  • Kitty: [Walks into Doctor's Office] Hi, I was scheduled for an Appointment with Dr. Stork...
  • Secretary: Yes. You will be visiting Room 102. Please take a Seat.
  • Kitty: Okay, Thank you.
  • Secretary: But first, You need to fill out this application before you go. [Hands Kitty the Application]
  • Kitty: Alright. [Starts writing]


  • Nurse: [Walks in] Mrs. Puppy?
  • Kitty: [Stands up] I'm here.
  • Nurse: Follow me. This way, Please.
  • Kitty: [Follows the Nurse]

[In the Testing Room'...]

  • Kitty: {Thinking} Please don't be positive...Please don't be positive...Please don't be positive...
  • Dr. Stork: Mrs. Puppy, Congratulations, It's positive.
  • Kitty: {Thinking} Darn.
  • Kitty: {Talking} Yay?

[Meanwhile, Back at Kitty and Dudley's House'...]

  • Mandy: Okay, Tiffany, Did you get the glass of water to wake up Dad?
  • Tiffany: Yeup! [Hands Mandy an empty glass]
  • Mandy: Tiffany, This Glass of Water is empty...
  • Tiffany: *Burps* Toilet Water to be exact! And it was delicious!
  • Mandy: Eeww! [Drops Glass, It breaks] Oops.
  • Tiffany: I'll go get another glass!
  • Mandy: [Yanks Tiffany's ear] Tiffany, No, I have another idea...

[Back with Kitty at the Doctor's...]

  • Nurse: [Puts gel on Kitty's belly] Alright, Mrs. Puppy. Are you ready for the Ultrasound.
  • Kitty: [Biting Nails] Yes, I'm r-ready.
  • Nurse: Okay, Here we go...[Turns on Monitor, Revealing a blob on the screen.]
  • Kitty: Is that the baby?
  • Nurse: Yes, Yes it is.
  • Kitty: Eeww, It looks weird...
  • Nurse: That's what a baby is supposed to look like at 2 weeks.
  • Kitty: I think I'm gonna be sick. Literally.

[Back at the House]

  • Mandy: TIFFANY! Did you get Dad's Special Chew toy? The one that got him into that P.U.F.F. place he keeps taking us to?
  • Tiffany: It think it's pronounced "T.U.F.F.", Not P.U.F.F.. And yea, I got the toy!
  • Mandy: Maybe this will snap Dad out of his trance. [ Squeeks Ball ]
  • Tiffany: Nope.
  • Mandy: Let's go make a burrito for him, Maybe that will help.

[Back at the Doctor's]

  • Nurse: [Is helping Kitty walk out of the room] Mrs. Puppy, I don't know why you are so nervous, Last time you did this with your twins you weren't that nervous and you didn't throw up. Is there something wrong?
  • Kitty: NONE OF YOUR BEESWAX! [*Gasps* Cover Mouth in shock]
  • Nurse: 'Having trouble with your Moodswings again, Eh?
  • Kitty: [Nods head]
  • Nurse: Alright then. Let's go get you cleaned up.

[Back at the House]

  • Mandy: Oh C'mon, You stupid microwave, LOAD!
  • Tiffany: Mandy, It's a Microwave, Not a Computer.

[Microwave Dings]

  • Tiffany: Yay, It's done! Let's split it!
  • Mandy: Tiffany, It's not for us, It's for Dad, Remember?
  • Tiffany: Oh, Right...

[Meanwhile, Kitty is seen leaving the Hospital, With the results. She walks to her car and gets in, And drives back to the house.]

  • Kitty: {Thinking to herself} Okay, Kitty, Pull Yourself Together, You've told Dudley once, And your gonna do it again.

[Kitty's Phone rings]

  • Kitty: Hello?
  • Mandy: {On the other line} Mom!
  • Kitty: Mandy! What is it?
  • Mandy: I don't know! Where are you?
  • Kitty: Uuhh, I was at the Spa?
  • Mandy: *Gasp* WITHOUT ME?!
  • Kitty: Ugh, Just tell Daddy I'll be home in a minute...
  • Mandy: Kay-kay. [Hangs up]
  • Kitty: [Sets down phone, Looks at the growing bump on her belly] *Sigh* Why can't I have a normal family? I just hope you won't turn out that way...[Pats belly]

[Kitty soon arrives home, Just in time to see Dudley finally snapping out of his trance.]

  • Kitty: I'm ho—
  • Tiffany: HI MOM! [Jumps onto Kitty]
  • Dudley: Ugh, What happened?
  • Kitty: Um, Speaking of Which, I need to tell all of you something...
  • Dudley: Um, Sure?
  • Mandy: Okay...?
  • Tiffany: Question Mark Fight!
  • Kitty: No, Not now, Tiffany. [Walks out to the Back Patio, Where the Moon is shining brightly; Dudley follows her.]
  • Kitty: Dudley...
  • Dudley: Yes, Kitty...?
  • Kitty: I'm...I'm...I'm having another baby.
  • Dudley: [Freezes in Place, Faints]
  • Kitty: Wow, That wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.


Wow, Finished a Whole Fanfic in one day. That's the first time that's ever happened to me! Thanks again, Guys! -PoofFan93

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