[16 years after the Birth of Mandy and Tiffany Puppy. Dudley and Kitty could not believe how fast their daughters had grown up.]

[Today was the girls' Birthday, And the two were planning to make it special.]

  • Mandy: Mom! Tiffany's hogging up the bathroom!
  • Tiffany: AM NOT!
  • Kitty: Girls, Girls, GIRLS! Look; Mandy, You know that Tiffany was here first. Tiffany, you probably should be done in there by now...What are you doing anyways?
  • Tiffany: Fixing my hair, What else?
  • Kitty: Why are you girls in such a hurry anyway?
  • Mandy: Mom! Don't you get it? Today is our SWEET 16! We gotta look good!
  • Kitty: I can understand that, But it looks like you're both overreacting. [Folds her arms] Ok, What's going on between you two?
  • Dudley: [walks in wearing a robe and sipping coffee] What's goin' on here?
  • Mandy: Nothing you should know...
  • Tiffany: ....The School Prom is coming up soon, And we need dates!
  • Dudley: [Spits out his coffee]
  • Dudley & Kitty: WHAT?!
  • Mandy: Oh come on! What's the big deal?
  • Kitty: Mandy, Are you sure you're both ready for that kind of responsibility?
  • Mandy: Mom, We're not getting married, We're only going to the Prom, And we can't go without a date!
  • Dudley: Why not?
  • Tiffany: Because we'd look desperate!
  • Kyle: Good morning, everyone—
  • Mandy: BACK OFF, KYLE!
  • Kyle: ...I knew I should have stayed in bed today...
  • Kitty: [Without looking at Kyle] Kyle, Breakfast is ready downstairs. Eat and get ready for the Schoolbus to come pick you up.
  • Kyle: Ok...[Walks downstairs]
  • [The family all head downstairs, While Kitty hears Kathy calling her in the backround]
  • Kathy: Moooommm!
  • Kitty: Be right back...[Walks up to Kathy's room] What's the matter?
  • Kathy: [Fakes being sick] Uuuhh...I don't feel so good, Which means I don't have to go to School, right? [Fake coughs]
  • Kitty: Oh, You poor thing, I'll just call your Teacher and tell her to give you EXTRA homework once you start feeling better—
  • Kathy: [Jumps out of bed] On second thought, I feel fine! [Grabs her backpack and rushes downstairs]

[Meanwhile, In Willy and Misty''s room...]

  • Willy: [Giggles and hits Misty in the head with a pillow]
  • Misty: Heeeyyy! [Screams and pinches Willy's arm]
  • Willy: [cries and screams]
  • Dudley: [Hears Willy screaming and runs into the room] Hey, Hey you two! Break it up! C'mon, Let's go downstairs and have breakfast.

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