Kudley is not over yet! This chapter welcomes the two newest offsprings in the Puppy Family, WIlly and Misty!

I hope you all like it! ^^



Kitty discovers she is having yet another set of twins! Will the Puppy Family be able to handle it!?

Ages of the Characters in this Fanfic:

Kitty: 37

Dudley: 35

Mandy and Tiffany: 13

Kyle: 6

Kathy: 2


[Transition to the inside of Puppy Manor, In which everyone is eating breakfast...]

  • Kitty: Okay, Everyone, I made Waffles!
  • Dudley: (sarcastic) Sounds great! [Turns to Tiffany and Mandy] Bleh.... [Sticks his tongue out]
  • Kitty: [Gives Dudley a death glare]
  • Dudley: I mean, I would love some! Hee-heh....
  • Kathy: [Crawls under the table] Nummy!
  • Kitty: Come here, Kathy. [Picks up Kathy] Now, Let's get some to fill that empty tummy of yours! [Tickles Kathy's belly and blows on it, Thus making Kathy laugh]
  • Kathy: Bah!
  • Kyle: Uuhh, Mommy? [Lifts up a stiff waffle with a fork] What's wrong with my waffle?
  • Tiffany: If you think that's bad... [Sticks her finger in the middle of her waffle] Mine is gooey in the middle.
  • Mandy: I beg to differ... [Points to her waffle, In which it is covered with hair]
  • Dudley: Ok...That is just desturbing...
  • Kitty: *sighs* Well, Anyways, Dudley, Could you please take Kathy upstairs for her bath and nap?
  • Dudley: Sure, Kitty... [Picks up Kathy out of her high chair, In which she is covered in Rice Cereal] Oh Kathy, You're such a messy girl! Let's go get you cleaned up... [Carries a giggling Kathy upstairs]
  • Mandy: Hey mom, Can I ask you something?
  • Kitty: [Is seen washing the dishes] Yes, Dear?
  • Mandy: No offense, But you'e been acting kind of strange lately...
  • Kitty: Ah, That, I'm probably just catching a little something. Don't worry about it, I'll be just fine... *smiles weakly*
  • Mandy: Well, Ok...Come on, Tiff. Let's go work on that sience project due next Monday.
  • Tiffany: *sharp sigh* Fine...

[The girls leave, And Kitty is left alone in the kitchen.]

  • Kitty: *sigh* I guess I HAVE been acting strange lately... [Opens a nearby jar of pickles and starts dipping a few into a nearby jar of peanut butter, And eating them] Doh, What am I doing! [Throws the pickles onto the floor]

[Upstairs, Dudley is batheing Kathy, Tiffany and Mandy are working on a project for School, and Kyle is wandering around, Bored as usual.]

  • Kyle: I'm sooooo bored, I wish I had something to do... [Limps to his room]

[Meanwhile, Back downstairs with Kitty....]

  • Kitty: [Is seen frantically digging through her purse, Then the Hall Closet...] Urgh, Where is it?! Aha!~

[Kitty is seen holding a stick similar to the ones seen in the previous fanfics (←Breaking the Fourth wall!), Only much smaller.]

  • Kitty: I better not be pregnant AGAIN... *sharp sigh* Oh well, I guess I'll just have to find out myself...

[Kitty then grabs her Cellphone on a nearby desk of hers, And stumbles into the Bathroom, And firmly yet softly shuts the door. She dials her Doctor's number and begins to talk to him.]

  • Kitty: ...Hello? Yes, It's me, Kitty Katswell-Puppy.
  • Nurse (On the other line): *sigh* Alright, And what is your emergancy?
  • Kitty: No, It's not an emergancy, I just need to book an appointment with Dr. Stork later this afternoon...If possible...
  • Nurse (On the other line): Alright, We will call here shortly. Have a nice day... [Hangs up phone]
  • Kitty: [Hangs up her cellphone] *sigh* Well, Here we go....

[Kitty stays in the bathroom for a few minutes. Soon after, She suddenly bursts down the bathroom door and franticly runs downstairs]

  • Kitty: [Looks at the pregnancy test stick; It's positive...] Oh my gosh, This can't be positive!

[Kitty runs back upstairs, In which she accidently bumps in Dudley and Kathy, Whom are both covered in bathwater]

  • Dudley: Uh, Hi Kitty...? Heh...heh..
  • Kitty: *snickers* Now the real question is who bathed who? [laughs] Anyway, I'm going to an "early" doctor's appointment now... [Puts on her coat]
  • Dudley: Okay! [Kitty is half-way out the door] Wait a second...KITTY! [Kitty is already out the door] *sigh* Great, Kitty left me in charge of all 4 kids! *facepalm*

[Transition to the Hospital. Kitty has just gotten out of her vehicle and begins to stutter into the building.]

  • Kitty: [Walks into the Hospital and stumbles over to the counter] Hello, I was scheduled for an appointment with Dr. Stork...

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