• Dudley: ARGH!! Why won't the lights turn on!? [picks up tree and starts hitting it against the ground]
  • Kitty [sighs and picks up cord] Because the tree isn't plugged in.
  • Kitty: Why does the cake look so strange
  • Mandy: [Looks at unopened pack of flour] Maybe because you forgot to use flour.
  • Kitty: Darn it! [flings cake, which lands on Kyle]
  • Mandy: Ooh cake! [takes bite and quickly turns green] WHAT DID YOU PUT IN THIS!?
  • Tiffany: Mandy! I'm sure its not that bad. [takes bite and turns green] OH MY GOSH THIS IS THE WORST CAKE I'VE EVER TASTED!
  • Kitty: [sighs] I'll make a new one.
  • two hours later*
  • Kitty: Okay! The new and improved cake is ready! Anyone want some?
  • Mandy: No thanks mom.
  • Tiffany: [Reluctantly] I guess I'll try some. [takes bite and turns green] OKAY, THIS IS THE WORST CAKE I'VE EVER TASTED!
  • Mandy: [Points to unopened carton of eggs] Eggs, mom.
  • Kitty: *facepalm* ARGH! Why can't I get it right?!
  • Mandy: [Wonders what is inside her present] I wonder if Mom and Dad got me new textbooks for school, You know, The ones that are all glittery and stuff!
  • Kyle: I want a dinosaur.
  • Tiffany: I hope I get a Piggy Bank made out of Gummy Bears!
  • Mandy: Mom, why don't we go to the bakery and buy a cake?
  • Tiffany: GREAT IDEA!
  • Kitty: [reluctantly] Okay, we'll go and buy one.
  • Dudley: CAKE!!! [takes bite and turns green and spits it out] WHAT DOES MY WIFE CALL THIS!?
  • Dudley: Here ya go, Kyle. [gives the rest of his piece to Kyle]
  • Kyle: Ooh! [takes bite and turns green] YUCKY! flings cake, which lands on Dudley]

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