My third fanfic in the Kudley series detailing Christmas at the Puppy household.



There are three parts to the fanfic: The first is the family getting their Christmas tree put up. The second is about Christmas Eve, and the third is about Christmas Day itself.


In this fanfic, Christmas celebrations are well underway with the Puppy's. They get their tree set up, wrap presents, and even have to suffer through Kitty's horrible cakes! When Christmas Day arrives, the kids have a great time opening their presents and celebrating the special day. Little do they know that Kitty has a special announcement to make!

Ages of the characters in this Fanfic:

Kitty: 35

Dudley: 33

Mandy: 11

Tiffany: 11

Kyle: 3


[Starts out at the Puppy household, three weeks before Christmas, where the whole family is present trying to get the tree assembled]

  • Dudley: ARGH!! Why won't the lights turn on!? [picks up tree and starts hitting it against the ground]
  • Kitty: [sighs and picks up cord] Because the tree isn't plugged in.
  • Dudley: Oh right. [takes cord and plugs it in] It works!
  • Kitty: Okay, time to decorate the tree! [opens box of ornaments]
  • Dudley: [stomach growls] I NEED FOOD!!!
  • Kyle: Me hungry too.
  • Dudley: Me and Kyle will be back after a snack.
  • Kitty: Okay.
  • Tiffany: Here, I'll put the star on the top of the tree [takes star and tries to reach the top] ARGH!! I can't reach it! Gimme a boost, Mandy?
  • Mandy: [reluctantly] Uh, OK.
  • Tiffany: [gets on Mandy's shoulders and tries to reach the top] Almost there!
  • Mandy: Hurry up! You're heavy!
  • Tiffany: Hold on a moment! [falls as she tries to reach the top of the tree, sending her and Mandy crashing into the tree]
  • Kitty: Are you girls okay!?
  • Mandy: [gets up rubbing her side] I guess so.
  • Tiffany: [straightens up tree] I wanna try again!
  • Mandy: Oh no, we're having Mom put the star on the tree. [gives star to Kitty]
  • Kitty: [puts star on tree] How does this look?
  • Mandy: Looks great Mom.
  • Tiffany: Humph.
  • Dudley: [walks back in holding Kyle] Ah, much better. Wow, the star looks nice.
  • Kitty: Okay, lets decorate the rest of the tree now that everyone is here.

[the whole family sets to work on decorating the tree]

  • one hour later
  • Mandy: [hangs last ornament] Done!
  • Tiffany: The tree looks great!
  • Kyle: Tree pretty!
  • Kitty: Yep.
  • Dudley: Yeah, it does. Now can we please have dinner?
  • Kitty: Alright.

[Later that night, when the kids are all in bed, Dudley and Kitty go to wrap some of their presents]

  • Kitty: We'll do Mandy's first.
  • Dudley: I hope she likes these glow-in-the dark with extra glitter textbooks.
  • Kitty: [as she's wrapping the present] So do I. Now, can you staple the bow for me?
  • Dudley: [picks up stapler] Sure.
  • Kitty: [holds down bow] OK, go for it.
  • Dudley: [presses down stapler]
  • Kitty: AGH!!!
  • Dudley: What?
  • Kitty: [holds up thumb, which has a staple lodged in it] YOU JUST STAPLED MY THUMB!!!
  • Dudley: Sorry!
  • Kitty: [removes staple from thumb] It's ok, now, lets finish wrapping the kids presents.
  • Dudley: [holds up Tiffany's present] Tiffany should like this Gummy Bear Piggy Bank, shouldn't she?
  • Kitty: [wrapping the present] I'm sure she will.
  • Dudley: Need help with the bow?
  • Kitty: No. I'm using tape this time. [sticks bow on] OK, now Kyle's present.
  • Dudley: [holds up Kyle's present] I hope he likes this remote-controlled dinosaur.
  • Kitty: [wrapping it] So do I. [sticks bow on] OK, we're finished. Now, lets put these under the tree and go to bed.
  • Dudley: [yawns] OK. [picks up presents and puts them under the tree] Goodnight.

[now on Christmas Eve, where Kitty is trying to bake a cake for the family's Christmas feast]

  • Kitty: Okay, my cake is done! Anyone want to try it?
  • Mandy: Ooh cake! [takes bite and quickly turns green] WHAT DID YOU PUT IN THIS!?
  • Tiffany: Mandy! I'm sure its not that bad. [takes bite and turns green] OH MY GOSH THIS IS THE WORST CAKE I'VE EVER TASTED!
  • Kitty: [facepalm] Why did it turn out so badly?
  • Mandy: [Looks at unopened pack of flour] Maybe because you forgot to use flour.
  • Kitty: [sighs] I'll make a new one.
  • two hours later
  • Kitty: Okay! The new and improved cake is ready! Anyone want some?
  • Mandy: No thanks mom.
  • Tiffany: [Reluctantly] I guess I'll try some. [takes bite and turns green] OKAY, THIS IS THE WORST CAKE I'VE EVER TASTED!
  • Mandy: [Points to unopened carton of eggs] Eggs, mom.
  • Kitty: [facepalm] ARGH! Why can't I get it right?!
  • Mandy: Mom, why don't we go to the bakery and buy a cake?
  • Tiffany: GREAT IDEA!
  • Kitty: [reluctantly] Okay, we'll go and buy one.

[Kitty, Mandy, and Tiffany all leave, and a few minutes later, Dudley walks into the kitchen with Kyle]

  • Dudley: CAKE!!! [takes bite and turns green and spits it out] WHAT DOES MY WIFE CALL THIS!?
  • Dudley: Here ya go, Kyle. [gives the rest of his piece to Kyle]
  • Kyle: Ooh! [takes bite and turns green] YUCKY! [flings cake, which lands on Dudley]
  • Dudley: [wipes cake from forehead] Shoulda seen that coming.

[Kitty, Mandy, and Tiffany all return from the bakery, Kitty has a large chocolate cake in her arms]

  • Dudley: NEW CAKE!!! [grabs it and rips of packaging]
  • Kitty: [slams packaging back on] It's not for now, its for our Christmas feast!
  • Dudley: [disappointed] Fine.

[later on Christmas Eve, when Dudley and Kitty are in the kitchen, the kids are sitting around the tree, wondering what is in their presents]

  • Mandy: [wonders what is inside her present] I wonder if Mom and Dad got me new textbooks for school. You know, the ones that are all glittery and stuff!
  • Kyle: I want a dinosaur.
  • Tiffany: I hope I get a Piggy Bank made out of Gummy Bears!
  • Mandy: [shakes present] Oh, I can't tell!
  • Tiffany: And, uh, why exactly did you ask for textbooks for Christmas?
  • Mandy: Because the ones I asked for are AWESOME.
  • Tiffany: [shakes her present] Whatever you say. I just hope I get that Gummy Bear Piggy Bank.
  • Kyle: [bangs present against ground] DINOSAUR!?
  • Mandy: [laughs and puts present back] Maybe, Kyle, maybe.
  • Tiffany: I hope Mom and Dad like their presents.
  • Mandy: They should. Dad should love his boxed set of chew toys, and Mom should like the combination scratching post and umbrella stand.
  • Tiffany: Yeah!

[Dudley walks in]

  • Dudley: Okay kids, It's time to eat!

[Mandy, Tiffany, and Kyle all head into the dining room, where the Christmas Eve feast is on the table]

  • Mandy: This looks delicious.
  • Tiffany: Well it can't be worse than those cakes.
  • Kitty: You know that I am terrible at making desserts.
  • Tiffany: No kidding.

[they finish the main course, and then Kitty brings in the cake]

  • Mandy: The feast was delicious, Mom.
  • Tiffany: Yeah, it got the taste of those cakes out of my mouth.
  • Dudley: [burps] Yeah it was great honey. [wipes food of Kyle's face] Looks like Kyle enjoyed it as well.
  • Kitty: [sets cake down on table] Now its time for the cake!
  • Tiffany: Let me cut it! [grabs knife]
  • Kitty: [grabs knife from Tiffany] I don't think so.
  • Tiffany: [shrugs] Fine. But I want a bigger piece then!
  • Kitty: [cuts 5 pieces of cake, and hands them to everyone]
  • Dudley: CAKE!!! [starts gobbling up his piece]
  • Kitty: [sighs as she hands Dudley a napkin]
  • Mandy: This cake is excellent.
  • Tiffany: Yeah!
  • Kyle: [with cake all over his face] Yummy!

[later on, the whole family is sitting around the Christmas tree]

  • Kitty: Okay everyone... ready for me to read The Story of Christmas?
  • Mandy: [looks sleepy] Yeah...
  • Tiffany: Sure.
  • Kyle: [claps hands]
  • Dudley: Okay.

[Kitty reads the family the book, detailing the history of Christmas. It is 10:00 when she is finished]

  • Kitty: How did everyone enjoy the story this year?
  • Mandy: I loved it as always.
  • Tiffany: Me too.
  • Dudley: Yeah so did I.

[Kyle is seen asleep on the couch]

  • Kitty: I think its time for us to go to bed. After all, tomorrow is Christmas morning!
  • Tiffany: Yeah, we should go to bed now so we can get up extra early!
  • Mandy: Ok!

[after saying goodnight to the kids, Dudley and Kitty head to bed. At 11:00, Kitty wakes up feeling sick]

  • Kitty: [runs to the bathroom and throws up] Ugh... I must have eaten too much tonight. [washes her face and goes back to bed]

[at 11:30, Kitty wakes up again]

  • Kitty: Why do I suddenly feel like eating a bowl of pickles? Ah well, I must just be tired from all the Christmas preparations. Unless...

[Kitty heads to the bathroom again, and comes out a little later looking stunned]

  • Kitty: I... I'm pregnant. Should I wake everyone up and tell them? No... I'll tell them tomorrow, Christmas Day! [she heads back to bed and falls asleep, feeling content]

[at 6:30 AM, Tiffany wakes up and bursts into Mandy's room]

  • Mandy: [looks sleepily at Tiffany] Wha?
  • Mandy: [quickly wakes up and leaps out of bed] YAY! ITS CHRISTMAS!

[after fetching Kyle, who was also awake, they burst into Dudley and Kitty's room]

  • Kitty: [wakes up and looks confused] Hm? Oh it's Christmas.
  • Dudley: [wakes up] YAY ITS CHRISTMAS!
  • Mandy and Tiffany: C'MON LETS GO DOWNSTAIRS!
  • Kitty: [feels sick again] Hold on a moment. [goes into the bathroom and throws up] Ok, now I'm ready.

[the family goes downstairs, and the kids unwrap their presents]

  • Mandy: YAY! I got those glitter textbooks!
  • Tiffany: Boring! I got this amazing Gummy Bear Piggy Bank!
  • Kyle: [unwraps a large dinosaur] YAY DINOSAUR! [starts playing with it]
  • Mandy: These gifts are awesome!
  • Tiffany: Yeah!
  • Kyle: Dinosaur!
  • Kitty: I'm glad you girls like them. Now... There's an announcement I need to make.
  • Tiffany: Not yet, Mom! You and Dad haven't opened your presents yet.
  • Kitty: Oh right.
  • Dudley: [unwraps his box of chewtoys] CHEWTOYS!!! [starts biting packaging with his teeth]
  • Kitty: [unwraps her present] Oh this is very nice. A combination scratching post and umbrella stand!
  • Mandy: We knew you'd like it!
  • Tiffany: Yeah!

[Kyle is seen still playing with his dinosaur]

  • Kitty: Okay, now that all the presents are opened, time for my announcement!
  • Dudley: [is still playing with his chewtoys] What is it!? [drops chewtoys]
  • Mandy: [picks up Kyle and sets him down on her knee] Yeah, what is it?
  • Tiffany: Yeah, what is it!?
  • Kitty: Well... I just found this out last night... I'm pregnant with our fourth child.

[everyone looks stunned for a moment, Mandy comes to her senses first]

  • Mandy: Wow! That's great Mom!
  • Tiffany: Yeah!
  • Kyle: [Isn't sure what's going on but claps at the reaction's of Mandy and Tiffany]
  • Dudley: That's wonderful! And what better time to find out than on Christmas Day!?
  • Mandy: That was the best gift of all... Finding out we're going to have another little brother or sister.
  • Tiffany: Yeah for sure!
  • Dudley: Yeah, its even better than chewtoys!
[Kitty smiles and the episode ends with the family all gathered around her]

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