Kitty and Dudley have a hard time making the upcoming baby's new bedroom. Meanwhile, Kids at Tiffany and Mandy's School tell the girls how hard a baby is and that their mom and dad will forget about them.


[Transition to T.U.F.F. Headquarters, Where Dudley and Kitty lay out a Blueprint of their upcoming baby's new room]

  • Chief: Congratulations on your newest upcoming addition, Agents Puppy and Katswell!
  • Dudley: Thanks, Chief!
  • Kitty: DUDLEY! [Points to a section of the Blueprint] We forgot where we'll put the Dresser!
  • Dudley: Wait, We WHAT??! NOOOOOO!
  • Kitty: *Sigh* Don't be so over-dramatic...OH THE HORROR!

[Later, At Mandy and Tiffany's School...All the kids are having lunch...]

  • Tiffany: Mandy! I can't believe Mom is having the baby in only 8 weeks!
  • Mandy: I can't ether! What about you, Guys? {Referring to their friends}
  • Callico (Mandy's Friend): Well, I dunno, When my mom had my little brother, She completely forgot about me.
  • Mandy: Huh?
  • Miles (Tiffany's Friend): Yah, My mom had Triplets and she forgot about me even before they were born!
  • Tiffany: *Gasps*
  • Mandy: Oh, Stop joking with us, Our parents will never stop loving us and they will never forget about us!...Will they?
  • Miles & Callico: GOOD LUCK! [They Run away]
  • Mandy: Wow, Callie and Miles are right, We do need some Good Luck.
  • Tiffany: [Looks dazed] What if mom and dad have MORE than ONE kid?
  • Mandy and Tiffany: *Gasp* [They look up, And a Thought Bubble appears, Showing a scene where Kitty is filing her nails whilst she nonstop gives birth to more babies. Then all the babies start to cry in Tiffany and Mandy's arms; Both girls scream]
  • Mandy: WAIT A MINUTE! Mom and dad CAN'T forget about us! Like I said, THEY JUST CAN'T!
  • Tiffany: Well, There's really nothing we can do about it now. Mom is already going to have the baby anyway.

[Boths girls sigh, Then the scene transfers back to T.U.F.F. Headquarters, Where Kitty is seen trying to fit her huge stomach through the door.]

  • Kitty: Hnng! Urgh! ARGHK! Dudley, HELP!
  • Dudley: [Rushes over] Let's put some butter on it!
  • Kitty: Oh, I see! The butter will help me squeeze through the door!
  • Dudley: Um, Actually, I was just trying out my new butter so I could use it on my new Toast, But your plan works too!

[Dudley lathers the Butter all over Kitty's belly, Then Kitty pops out of the door, Hurling her into the baby's new crib, Where a pacifier lands into her mouth. Dudley laughs.]

  • Dudley: HAHAHA!
  • Kitty: *Sigh* Just help me OUT, Please?

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