Well, Here we are, The series finale of the Kudley Fanfics.

Hey, You all asked for it!

Hope you like!



Tiffany and Mandy prepare to finally move out of the house, But Kitty and Dudley can't seem to let them leave. Meanwhile, Kyle falls in love with a girl at his School.


[It's 7:30pm central in Petropolis, Kitty was cleaning up the leftover dishes from supper, and the rest of the family was watching television.]

  • Kitty: Can any of you help me with the dishes?
  • Dudley, Mandy, Tiffany, & Kyle: No...
  • Kitty: Pleaaaaaaaaase?
  • Dudley, Mandy, Tiffany, Kyle, Kathy, Willy, & Misty: No....
  • Kitty: [Growls and continues to firmly wash the dishes]

[Later, 8:57pm....]

  • Kitty: Kyle, Kathy, Willy, Misty! It's just about time for you guys to go to bed.
  • Kyle: But Moooom! I'm 12 now! I should be able to stay up later!
  • Kitty: [Stares and frowns] Bed. NOW. [Points to their rooms]
  • Kyle: *Growls* [Stomps upstairs]
  • Kathy: Good night mom, Thank you very much for dinner tonight... [Walks upstairs, WIlly and Misty follow]
  • Mandy: Mom, Dad, Can me and Tiff talk to you about something?
  • Dudley: Uh, What do you think, Kitty?
  • Kitty: *Gulps* Uh, I guess so...
  • Tiffany: Sit down...

[The family all sit down at the Dinner Table]

  • Dudley: First, We need to ask you girls something. [Turns to Kitty]
  • Kitty: We've noticed lately that you have been barely touching your food at Supper. Is there a problem we should talk about? [Crosses her arms]
  • Mandy: Yeah, There is.... You see, Me and Tiffany are ready to...
  • Kitty: Ready to what?
  • Tiffany: We're ready to.... *mumbles*
  • Dudley: C'mon girls, Speak up, We can't hear you.
  • Mandy: We both think we're ready to move out of the house.
  • Kitty: [Tries to prevent herself from bursting into tears] You...You...are? *sniffles*
  • Kitty: [Gives Dudley an innocent yet firm stare]
  • Dudley: I mean...What a pity...
  • Tiffany: I hope this conversation won't make you guys mourn or anything, Mandy and I just think we're ready.
  • Mandy: Yeah, I mean, We are about 22 or so, We actually could have already moved out of the house about 2 years ago...
  • Tiffany: We tried to give you some time, But now that our boyfriends and us are pretty close now, And we're finishing College soon, I really think we're ready.
  • Kitty: ...Excuse us for a minute, Please... [Yanks Dudley into the Hallway] DUDLEY! The girls can't leave us!
  • Dudley: WHAT?! Kitty! They are 20 years old! They are too old to be living with us!
  • Kitty: My point IS, I don't want to let the girls move out! I'm telling you, Dudley, I FORCED myself not to cry front of them! And another thing, They have been dating the same boys for 3 years! 3 YEARS! It probably won't be long before we get a call from one of the girls saying, "Mom, Dad! I'm getting married!" or "Mom, Dad, I'm pregnant!"!
  • Dudley: KITTY! Slow down! That's not going to happen! Cause I have a plan!
  • Kitty: [Is now actually sobbing] *Sniffles loudly* What is it?!
  • Dudley: Remember that the girls said back at the table, They said that they hoped we would not mourn or anything, Right?
  • Kitty: [Wipes her nose] ..Yes?
  • Dudley: Well...If we DO mourn, They won't want to leave us!
  • Kitty: Ah! I see where you're going here!
  • Dudley: But...
  • Kitty: But what?
  • Dudley: If the plan dosn't work, We'll just have to deal with letting go.
  • Kitty: Letting go? [Begins to cry again]
  • Dudley: *nods* I'm afraid so...
  • Kitty: Oh, Dudley! [Runs into Dudley and squeezes him, And begins sobbing loudly, Dudley pats her gently]
  • Dudley: Shh, It's alright, It's alright. [Walks back into the Dining Room, Where Tiffany and Mandy are waiting] Girls, We'll talk more about this in the morning, Me and your mother are having second thoughts.
  • Mandy: Well, Okay... [Gets up from table] Goodnight...
  • Tiffany: [Follows Mandy to their room] Love ya, Dad... 'Night.
  • Dudley: Goodnight girls. [Walks back into Hallway, Where Kitty is waiting, Her hands covering her face] C'mon, I'll carry you to bed. [Picks up a crying Kitty, and sets her into bed gently, Whilst he crawls in as well, and turns off the Night Lamp next to him.]

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