9 months after Mandy and Tiffany Puppy's Birth, Dudley and Kitty had to get back to their jobs (As Secret Agents), But they still had not been able to find a sitter for the girls, And bringing the girls to work with them was just making things worse.

Today, Kitty and Dudley decided to bing the girls to work and show them to everyone, Just in case someone would volunteer to babysit.

Dudley: We're back!

Kitty: With the girls! Say hi, Mandy and Tiffany!

Mandy: *Waves*

Tiffany: *Giggles* *Waves*

All Agents: Aww...

Keswick: Well hello Muh-Mandy and Tu-tuh-Tiffany. Nice to suh-see you again.

Mandy: *Giggles*

Kitty: We need to find a babysitter so me and Dudley can get back to work; Any volunteers?

All Agents: ME! ME! ME!!

Dudley: Are you guys sure? They are both pretty hard to handle...

All Agents: Uh, Uhm, Well, Uuhh.............

Keswick: I'll duh-do it.

Dudley: Oh, You. Are. SO BRAVE!!!!!! [Grabs Keswick's neck coller] DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THEY ARE TO HANDL-

Kitty: [Pulls Dudley away] Dudley! Quiet!

Tiffany: *cries*

Kitty: Shh, baby, It'll be okay...

Back at Kitty and Dudleys home...

Dudley: Ok, Keswick, Here's a list of stuff you need to do for the girls.

Keswick: [Holding the twins] Uh, That's a ruh-really long luh-luh-luh-list...

Mandy: *Cries*

Tiffany: [Pulls Keswick's nose]

Keswick: OW!

Kitty: Uh, Well, Gotta go...

Kitty & Dudley: BYE! [Leaves]

Mandy: *Screaming*

Tiffany: [Pulls Keswick's nose again]

Keswick: *Sighs* This is going to be a luh-long duh-duh-day...

[Later, Snack Time]

Keswick: [Puts the girls in their Highchairs] Okay, Girls, It lu-luh-lunch time! [Serves the girls their food]

Tiffany: Nu-nu! [Tips over bowl of peaches]

Mandy: [Folds arms, Shakes head and turns it away, Whilst sucking in her cheeks] Nu peaches! Want cookie! [Throws bowl of peaches at Keswick]

Tiffany: *Giggles*

Keswick: Ugh! I can see why your parents lu-luh-left so quickly...

Tiffany: *Cries*

Keswick: Du-duh-don't cry! There's still plenty more to eat! [Franticially searches through the cabinets, fridges, freezers, etc.]

Tiffany: [Throws her bowl of food at Keswick]

Keswick: Hey, This is lunch, Not a Food Fight!

Mandy: [Finds an old banana peel under the seat of her highchair] Ta-da!

Keswick: GROSS! They really need to clean out the highchairs.


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