Plot: This is a video game for the epic adventures of Kitty and Keswick.


The gameplay allows you to travel around the city of Petropolis. You can either play as Kitty, Keswick, Francisco and/or Larry. Each character has two special moves. Kitty can fall from big heights and use her claw as a key to pick locks, Keswick can solve tricky puzzles and hack systems, Francisco can roll up soft walls using his spikes on his back and push heavy blocks, and Larry can swim and fix mechanical items. Arcade Mode allows you to play mini-games that you need to play in Story Mode.


You gotta be in style when saving the universe. Each character has lots of costumes.

Kitty Katswell

  • Shadow Kitty - unlocked automatically


  1. Kitty's Dream: In Kitty's mind, she's on a marooned island.
  2. Super Keswick: Keswick and Kitty infiltrate a museum to stop The Chameleon, Bird Brain and Snaptrap.
  3. Log-In: Larry and Keswick try to stop some people to cut down trees.
  4. The Game Is Off: Kitty and Francisco have to stop some people from making a Grand Theft Auto-like game.
  5. The Invasion Begins: Kitty and Larry needs to find The Chief, while Dudley and Agent Nutz tries to make sure that they are safe.
  6. Attack of the 50 Foot Shoe: Larry and Francisco have to stop an evil giant... ...shoe?


  • Keswick breaks the fourth wall in Level 3 by saying "Oh, this is so b-b-b-boring! Can we skip this level?!"
    • Kitty also breaks the fourth wall by ripping off the loading screen in the final level.