After i saw Hockeybens own biography of Kitty,I decided to make my own.Look out for the fun facts.


Kitty Katswell had a good time growing up.Her mother shows a softer side for her sister,but still loved Kitty more than anyone could.But her dad,She hates both Kitty,Katrina and Mrs.Katswell (Fun Fact:Kitty was fausly provin dead.When Mr.Katswell heard this,he was already ready to tap-dance on her grave).Kitty also had a brother called Patrick.He was a famous criminall called "The Idiout Strangler" (He got this name because he would strangle anyone who had a low I.Q).With Patrick becoming the the most hated by Mr.Katswell,Mrs.Katswell broke up and had a divorce.So they moved to Petropilous.And to this day they never saw Mr.Katswell again (Fun Fact:Mr.Katswell is a home worker.)

With not many schools in petropilous,Mrs.Katswell Decide to home-school the kids,Untill the age of theerteen.Highschool Years were wide.In no second flat,Kitty became the most popular girl in the highschool.She also met a freind,"Fins mc Shark" (Fun Fact:This is the full name for Agent 1234)Feeling sad for him,she asked him to join the table.They have been best freinds ever seince (Fun Fact:Keswick is somewhat jeaulos of Agent 1234.Keswick is also Kitty`s best freind).She got A`s,B`s and B+`s for every report card.At Graduation,She was hounered the tradition to fire the annual Petropilous Cannon.

Colladge Years were tough.Kitty ended up as roomates with (Wait for it) Jack Rabbit.Kitty was Half Party Anamil and Half Hard Worker.Jack only joined for one reason.To get a job with big pay checes.Kitty ended up working for 8 1/2 whole years while jack got 10.Kitty was happy to graduate (Fun Fact:Kitty`s Graduation Role was made on Rice Paper.)After buying a appartment in petropilous,she was ready to find a job.Funny enough,she asked where she could get a job at T.U.F.F.Chief seemed to like Kitty and thought she`d make a great agent.(He was right)

After her first 5 years at T.U.F.F,Dudley bacame her partner.Dudley usually treated her as his slave and never gave her much credit for big missions,but Kitty still loved him with every square inch of her heart.But one day,Kitty sanpped over the habbits of Dudley and furiosly quit T.U.F.F!Winding up in a small town hounering her,Kitty then became mayor of this town (I have a name for it but it is LAME AS!!)Dudley eventually found her to take back to petropilous to work back at T.U.F.F..Kitty refused,but she still wanted to go.But Kitty was outraged that every one hated her when she came back.This bad feeling,caused Kitty to GO bad!

Kitty became From Super Man to Super Bad in 0 to 60.She was eventually stealing from all shops and banks and was always trying to destroy the world.None could stop Kitty,but Dudley knew what to do.Apologise.(NOW!)It worked and Kitty eventually beated Snaptrap (He was Kitty`s mentor).

Before retiring,Kitty still had one last adventure.I`d want to tell you,but i can`t.

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