Kevin's Revenge 4: Viral is the fourth entry in the Kevin's Revenge series.


( the next day )

Kevin: Good morning: Everyone.

Sherry: Hey, Kevin.

WK. Man. Last night was cool, Wasn't it?

Kevin. Yeah, Pretty much.

Ralph. The internet is pretty much the source of all of them Logos.

Kevin. Oh. I heard That's Where the logos come from.

Sherry. How did you know?

Kevin. I looked it up before I went to bed.

Kevin. I'm hoping that's all the logos.

Ralph. Yeah.

Keswick. Good news Everyone, I created The-The Internet transporter. It puts people in the internet just by-by-by pointing at them.

Kevin. Nice

Keswick. I want to try it on someone, and since you replied to it, I'll Tr-tr-Try it on you.

Kevin: Ok

Keswick. ( presses button )

WK. And your going in.

Kevin. I'm in the internet. IT WORKED.

Keswick. Alright. Lets get you out....OH N-N-NO.

Sherry. What's wrong?

Keswick. This Thing i-i-s not letting him out.


Keswick, But I can install the Pull-out t-t-to the transporter. but it might take a few hours.

WK. Now what.

Kevin. I'm gonna look around while I'm IN youtube. get it. HAhahahahahahhaaaaha.

( 2 hours later )

Keswick. I'm almost done wi-wi-with my installation.

WK. Ok

Kevin. So I'm just gonna..

PolyGram Video. ( makes It's effects ).

Kevin. Another Scary Logo,... COME ON.

PGV. I am complete.

Kevin. Yeah, Your scary. Let's fight.

Pgv. OK ( Adema Shoot The Arrows Plays )

Pgv. Taste my red line.


( bullet time sequence )

( BTS ends )

Pgv. What just Happened?

Kevin. Bullet time sequence ( breaks Red line off )


Kevin. TAKE THIS!!! ( hits pgv with stick )

Pgv. Ow ow OW, I surrender. Now leave me alone.

Kevin. Better.

Keswick. I'm finally d-d-done Installing, now let's t-t-try this. ( presses button )

Kevin. I'm out.

Sherry. YOUR BACK.

WK. Nice

Ralph. Your out of the internet.

Kevin. Yeah, Now let's do somethin'.

To be continued.....

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