I'm not putting info on this one this time, but I'm gonna to say that this is the end. The end of the series that is Kevin's Revenge. I've put my thoughts into this series, and here is it's epic conclusion. Enjoy, and comment.

                                                 - Killswitch762

( at T.U.F.F. )

Kevin: Alright, so do we got any missions?

Chief. Not exactly yet.

Crazy. Kevin. wanna play San Andreas with me?

Kevin. Sure.

( puts San Andreas in PS2 )

Kevin. Let's do this.

Crazy. Die, Gangsta.

Kevin. This game is so cool I don't know what else to say.

( 4 hours later )

Crazy. That was awesome.

Kevin. Yeah, no wonder everyone likes it. Now I'm going to hear the what's on the radio.

( turns on radio )

Radio host. Your're listening to RSEP 96.1, Petropolis' number one 100% metal station, let's play a legendary nu metal classic. This is Machine Head's Crashing Around You.

Kevin. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH, ( starts singing ) I am your nightmares, true scares. That dream when you can't stop from falling. Can't fight, Can't run, Can't stop the person you've become.

( 3 minutes later )

Kevin. That was epic.

Fairly. Wanna go play baseball.

Kevin. I would like to.

( meanwhile )

BND. How are you doing, Viacom?

Viacom. Fine.

BND. How about we go the Logos Hut.

Viacom. That'll be great.

( at the Logo Hut )

Viacom. so how is our enemy doing?

BND. Kevin is enjoying baseball with some friend.

Viacom. How do you know?

BND. While we were on the way. I saw him.

Viacom. oh

THX. Well Hello. BND and Viacom.

BND. Hello, old friend.

THX. Let's talk.

Viacom. Look it's Klasky Csupo.

Klasky Csupo. Hi THX, BND , and Viacom.

BND. So, Klasky, what's been going on with you lately?

Klasky. I got beat up by this cat.

BND. What did the cat look like?

Klasky. He had tannish fur, cornrows, a soul patch, a black shirt, blue jeans, and red sneaks. He was wearing a swimsuit, but I looked at his Facebook page.

THX. Hmmm

Viacom. Look it's the others. Closet Killer, PolyGram Line, MTE Globe, Screen Gems, and United Artists.

BND. Didn't Screen Gems and United Artists help Kevin?

Viacom. I heard Kevin got scared and hit them.

BND. oh

Viacom. Wassup, everyone.

MTE Globe. Now this guy is what I'm talking about.

Polygram. Sup Viacom.

Closet Killer. Kevin rapped with me, he won, now TIME FOR VENGEANCE.

PolyGram. yeah.

MTE. me three.

BND. Y'all knew about.

MTE. Yeah.

Screen Gems. and Kevin hit us.

United Artists. Yep

BND. How about we team up and get revenge on him.

All. YEAH.

( back at T.U.F.F. )

Fairly. Ready to hit the ball one last time.

Kevin. I'm always ready.

Fairly. Hear it comes.

( throws ball )

Kevin. I won

Fairly. Alright, You go do something else.

Kevin. I think I'm going to see if there are any missions.

Chief. Agents Kevin Katswell, Crazy, Claire, and Fairly. Report to my office itmeadietely.

Kevin. What's the mission?

Chief. Remember the logos you beat up?

Kevin. Yeah.

Fairly. Man, you owned them logos.

Chief. Well anyway. The logos you've eliminated have teamed up to get revenge on you and they're vandalizing town.

Kevin. We're on it.

( 3 minutes later )

Claire. Quick, They're leaving with the things.

Kevin. I'll get 'em. HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!!!

THX. Well Look at who it is. It's Kevin Turdswell.

Kevin. It's Katswell.

THX. Whatever.

BND. You may of already heard, but we all teamed up to elminate you.

Kevin. Whatever. Let's just fight.

BND. ( brings scare )

Kevin. Don't be scared don't be scared

( Deftones Birthmark plays )

Kevin. Take this ( hits bnd )

BND. Ow, if that's what you want, ATTACK HIM, MY FELLOW LOGOS!!!

Kevin. ( attacks and stabs logos )

PolyGram. TAKE THIS!!!

( bullet time sequence )

( BTS ends )

PolyGram. Eliminated Again.

( 4 minutes later )

BND. You win again, but we'll return. ( Logos walk away )

Crazy. We did it.

Kevin. We did it. for now. cuz bnd said they'll be back.

Fairly. Well let's just go back to T.U.F.F.

( at T.U.F.F. )

R: Good job on killing them logos.

Kevin. BND said they'll be back.

R. oh

Kevin. Hold on. I got a call.

Jonathan. Hello, do you remember me?

Kevin. Liquid.

Jonathan. No, It's your old cousin, Jonathan.

Kevin. Oh hi, and why is there a helicopter in the background?

Jonathan. It's my stomach, I'm hungry.

Kevin. What are you hungry for? WOOOOOOOORMS???

Jonathan. I'm hungry for WOOOOOOOOORDS!!!

( both laugh )

Kevin. Shut up ( hangs up )

( meanwhile in the logos spaceship in space )

THX. I'm going to scare Kevin. Be right back.

BND. Ok.

( at T.U.F.F. )

Kevin. Darkness goes on. Darkness goes off. Darkness goes on. Darkness goes off.

Crazy. What are you doing?

Kevin. I got darkness when I killed them. for now.

THX. Time to scare him. ( activates deep note )

Kevin. wait.............oh NO!!!

Ralph. What is it?

Sherry. I was going to say that.

Kevin. It's THX. oh no. It's not scaring me...WOAH!!! The logo came out of nowhere didn't it. NO. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

THX. I scared him.

BND. Alright, I'm going to talk to him through the T.U.F.F. big computer thing.

BND. I'm looking for Kevin.

Kevin. I'm right here.

BND. You got scared by THX right?

Kevin. yeah

BND. Well like I said, we'll be back, and we are.

Kevin. Oh yeah. what is it this time?

BND. We got your girlfriend.

Lisa. HELP ME!!!


BND. We snuck into her house and got her. Now you got 30 minutes to save her OR ELSE WE'LL SHOOT HER!!! BND out.

Kevin. I gotta go to space. I'm going by myself.

Claire. Ok. do your best.

Kevin. I'll be back when I'm done.

Crazy. Just don't die.

Kevin. I won't. now I'm out. ( gets in T.U.F.F. Spaceship ) ( Korn Lies Plays )

( 25 minutes later )

Kevin. I'm here now.

BND. To save her in 5 minutes, you must face us.

Kevin. Oh, Wanna go?

BND. What do you mean?

Kevin. I'm talking go ( punches self ) That's what I'm talking about.

BND. Oh, I thought you meant something else.

( 5 minutes later )

Bnd. I can't believe we lost. Just kidding.

Viacom. ( injures Lisa )


Lisa. ( coughs ) Slay them logos if you want me back here ( faints )

Kevin. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.r..rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRR

( Machine Head Davidian plays )


Viacom. Oh no. Kevin activated his anger mode.

BND. I'm sure we'll get through it.


Klasky. OW. you broke my....( dies )

( beats up MTE )

MTE. ( dies )

( beats up PolyGram )

PolyGram. You kill my cousin, now you..( dies )

( beats up Closet Killer )

Closet Killer. I'll never forget our rap...( dies )

( beats up THX )


( beats up Viacom )

Viacom. I'll never forget you BND.

BND. I'll never forget you two man

Kevin. TASTE THIS!!! ( beats up and finishes BND )

BND. I will return, I'll.....uh.....( dies )

Lisa. I'm back, Kevin.

Kevin. LISA!!!

( both hug and kiss )

Lisa. The logos are now dead aren't they?

Kevin. Yep, now let's go back to T.U.F.F.

( 25 minutes later )

Everyone and citizens. ( cheering )

Chief. Congratulations, Kevin. for defeating the logos that scared everyone as a kid. you deserve a medal.

Lisa. You destroyed what everyone wanted to destroy.

( both kiss )

Claire, Crazy, and Fairly. aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww

Kevin. Shut it.

Crazy. What? It's just sweet.

Kevin. Let's all go home.

( 40 minutes later )

Kevin. Home sweet home. Time to go to sleep for work. good night everyone. ( sleeps )

( credits roll ) ( Disturbed Believe plays )

Created by Killswitch762

Production by Killswitch762

Writing by Killswitch762.

( credits end )

And that's the end of the Kevin's Revenge series, I'll be creating more franchises as I progress. CHEERS!!!


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