Kevin's Revenge: Operation Super Scary Face is the sixth installment in the Kevin's Revenge series.


Kevin: I'm gonna work things on the internet.

Claire. OK

Chief. Forget the internet.

Kevin. What is it this time?

Chief. We're gonna go swimming

Kevin. Wow, That's cooler than the internet let's do it

( at the beach )

WK. I could enjoy my time here.

Chief: I'm gonna get some Flea girls.

Chief: Hey babe.

Flea. GET OFF. ( slaps chief )

Kevin: I feel sorry for the Chief.

Sherry. I do too.

Ralph. What's that noise

R. I don't know.

Kevin. Sounds familiar

KC. ( comes out of water ) I'm Klasky Csupo


KC. Hey, You're that guy who killed my fellow Scary logos.

R. Man, You know a LOT.

Kevin. Well, Yo are next on my list.

KC. Well bring it on underwater.

WK. Another fight.........YEAH

Kevin. Let's do This

( goes underwater )

KC.Take THIS ( scares with RARE smile )

Kevin. I've gotten older. ( Grabs whale by tail and hits KC )


Kevin. Make me ( continues )

KC. ( brings another scare )

Kevin. DIE!!! ( finishes KC )


Kevin. I WON The battle.

Lisa. YOU DID IT ( hugs Kevin )

( Kevin hugs back )

Claire. Aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Kevin. shut it

Claire. sorry, It's just cute.

Kevin. What other could come?

To be last time.

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