Dora and Kezwick holding Baby Astroid Kezwick, Jupiter Kezwick, and Kezwick Jr.
Meanwhile, Kezwick, Dudley, and Kitty were on their way to save Dora when they saw a running cactus. It was the Chameleon in disguise to try and take Kezwick's mom's purse. Kitty and Dudley stopped the Chameleon, took him back to T.U.F.F., and continued. They looked in every villain's headquaters and finally pulled up at Snaptrap's lair.

Kitty: She must be in here, we've looked at every villain's lair.

Dudley: Yeah.

Meanwhile, in Snaptrap's lair, Dora was still in the cage hollering "help" while still in labor.

Dora: Help!

Snaptrap: Pipe down over there already, Missy!

Dora: I said MY NAME IS DORA!

Snaptrap: What's wrong with you?

Dora: Giving birth over here! DUUUH!

Larry: What do you want from us?

Dora: Do you idiots know anything about child birth?

Snaptrap: Heck no!

Dora: I think my water just broke!

Snaptrap: Silence, you brat!

Dora: I'm NOT a BRAT!

Suddenly, the door was kicked down.

Dudley: Freeze, Snaptrap!

Kezwick: And let D-D-Dora go!

Dora: Kezwick, Kitty, Dudley, you guys found me! Ow!

Kitty: Let me guess, you're in labor?

Dora: And the grass is green? HELP ME!

Kitty and Dudley got fought and captured the villains. They took them to jail. Kezwick was taking Dora to the hospital.


Dora was giving birth and had to push.

Dora: This is worse than that time I had pnemonia.

Kezwick: Just breathe and push.

Dora kept pushing.

Dora: One more push. *panting*

Soon, babies were born and the doctor gave Dora three babies. Kezwick came into see his new kids. Kezwick and Dora's parents arrived. Dora was sitting in the bed while Kezwick's parents were each holding one. Dora's mom was here too and holding a child. They have three kids. One son and two daughters. Each person got to name one.

Kezwick's mom: How about we name this one Kezwick Jr. because he looks exactly like Kezwick.

Kezwick's dad: Let's name this little girl Jupiter. I kinda like that name.

Dora: So do I. And we can sometimes call her Patchy for how her fur is patched.

Kezwick's mom: Good name.

Kezwick: For this little girl, her n-n-name can be Astroid.

Dora's mom: We can call her Astro for short.

Dora: I like that name!

Kezwick's mom and dad and Dora's mom: So do we.

Soon, the family left and gave the babies to the parents to give Dora and Kezwick some alone time. They looked at their sleeping children lovingly.


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