Katie Squirrel
Katie Squirrel
Katie wearing a purple dress
Gender: Female
Hair color:       Brown
Eye color:       Green
Species: Cat-Squirrel
Age: 17
Birthday: October 14
Personal Information
  Squirrel Family

Katswell Family Katswell-Squirrel Family

  High school student
  Mandy Puppy
Tiffany Puppy
Kyle Puppy
(All cousins)
Kitty Katswell (aunt)
Dudley Puppy (uncle)
Love Interests:
  Becoming a T.U.F.F. Agent
Will Squirrel (Father),

Katrina Katswell (Mother)

Steven Squirrel (Younger brother)
Karey Squirrel (Younger sister)
Kenny Squirrel (Younger brother)

Katie Squirrel is the daughter of Will Squirrel and Katrina Katswell, and the sister of Steven, Karey, and Kenny Squirrel.

Short Biography

She is an excellent student, and frequently scores among the highest in her class in most subjects. She loves nuts, like her father, and prefers them to fish, her mother's favorite food. At age 17, she is entering her final year of high school, and hopes to become a secret agent like her mother. When she was younger, she wanted to be a doctor like her father, but when she was 15, she became interested in the secret agent field, and decided it was the career she wanted to pursue. She is a strong swimmer, and competes on a swim team, regularly posting some of the best times on the team during their relays. She also took up martial arts at age 16, and excels at it, like her mother and aunt.


Katie has a mostly nice and sweet personality. She does however have a fiery temper at times. She is rather shy and quiet, except with those she knows closely.


Katie has the same fur, tail, brown hair, and sharp claws as her mother. She also inherited the ears, buck teeth and green eyes of her father. She is around 5"5', making her about the same height as her mother and three inches shorter than her father. She usually wears a purple dress. She doesn't usually wear shoes.


Katrina Katswell

Katie has a good relationship with her mother, and wants to become a secret agent like she is. She frequently confides her feelings in her.

Will Squirrel

Despite having more her mothers personality, Katie has an excellent relationship with her father. He was an excellent swimmer also, and he helps her train for her swim team.

Steven Squirrel

Katie has a mostly good relationship with her brother, but she sometimes finds him annoying and snaps at him. Most of the time they get along quite well with each other.

Mandy Puppy

Mandy is Katie's cousin, and the two get along quite well. Mandy and her twin sister, Tiffany, are five years older than Katie.

Tiffany Puppy

Tiffany is also Katie's cousin, but she doesn't have quite as strong a bond with Tiffany as she does with Mandy.

Kyle Puppy

Kyle is Katie's youngest cousin, and is three years her junior. She doesn't interact as much with Kyle as she does with Mandy and Tiffany, but she gets along well with him when they are together.

Kitty Katswell

Kitty is Katie's aunt, and the two have a nice relationship. Katie reminds Kitty of both herself and Mandy, and Kitty reminds Katie of her mother. She frequently asks Kitty questions about the missions she encounters at T.U.F.F..

Dudley Puppy

Dudley is Katie's uncle. She has a good relationship with him, and finds him very funny, but she generally interacts more with Kitty.

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