Katherine "Kathy" Puppy
[[File:Cathy Puppy as a kid|200px]]
Gender: Female
Hair color:       Jet Black
Eye color:       Teal
Species: Cat-Dog
Age: 3 days old
Birthday: September 5th
Personal Information
  123 Knawbone Lane, Puppy Manor, Petropolis, Earth
Dudley Puppy (Father)

Kitty Katswell (Mother)

Father's Side: Peg Puppy (Grandmother)

Mother's Side: Mrs. Katswell (Grandmother)

Mandy Puppy (Oldest Sister)

Tiffany Puppy (Oldest Sister)

Kyle Puppy (Oldest Brother)

Willy Puppy (Youngest Brother)

Misty Puppy (Youngest sister)

Production Information
First Appearance:
  Kudley: Merry Christmas! (First Mentioned by Kitty)

Kudley: A Fourth Addition Arrives (Official)

Last Appearance:
  Kudley: You May Kiss The Brides? Pt. 3
Voiced by:
Tara Strong (Baby)

Brittany Lauda (child)

Kathrine "Kathy" Puppy is the fourth child of Dudley Puppy and Kitty Katswell, Alongside her siblings, Mandy, Tiffany, Kyle, Willy, and Misty.


Kathy is the fourth born child and third oldest girl of the family. Kathy is a quiet, timid, and shy young puppy-kitten hybrid, while she also has a sensitive personality. Kathy is a rather unique feline-canine, since she has both dog and cat features. While she has keen canine instincts and tracking abilities, Kathy also has feline instincts and reflexes. Kathy also has a heart condition, but it's not as severe as other typical heart problems. The most likely cause of her medical conditions is due to the fact she is a cat/dog hybrid. Kathy has dark teal eyes with a hint of hazel if you look in the correct lighting. She also has white fur with tan patches on various areas of her body, including her left eye, shoulder, left foot, and tail. Her tail is almost as short as her father's, yet it's still long enough to be considered a cat tail. Kathy had many troubles during her later school years due to her appearance, and her heart conditions; which sometimes caused her to have seizures at school. Overall, Kathy is a wonderful young puppy/kitten hybrid and she is dearly loved by her family.

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