Joseph Wagner
Gender: Male
Hair color:       White
Eye color:       Black
Species: Owl
Age: 50
Personal Information
  Leader of the World Undercover Fighting Force Union
  Geneva, Switzerland
  The Chief of Chiefs
  All agents
  Any villianous scum


He is a tall, wise-looking Moonfaced Owl, he also has short, hooked beak. His eyes are round and are completly black. Despite being 50 he is in decent shape and looks younger than Bird Brain.


He is very calm and generous. Throught his time of being "The Chief of chiefs" he has proven to be very forgiving and judges situations equally. Meaning he is not a sexist or a racist.


Jack Rabbit

Back when Jack was a good guy he was regarded as one of the best by Joseph. They were actually good freinds and respected each other. So far no has told Joseph about the villian he came out to be.

Rudolf Doberman

They had the same Joseph-Jack Rabbit relation only Rudolf has stayed a good guy.

Franz Alsatian

After a mission one in were Franz brutally beat-up a culprit Joseph suspended his secret agent duties for a couple months. Later after his ban was lifted he went on anouther mission. Unfortunetly he was captured by hostiles, after a couple days he managed to escape and had to get back to W.U.F.F.U HQ. He eventully got there, but was apprehended. Why? Apperently The Chameleon took his identity and went on a crime spree in Europe. But the crimes were so severe Joseph banished him to Chernobyl.

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