Jim Puppy
Gender: Male
Hair color:       White
Eye color:       Blue
Species: Mixed-breed dog
Age: 20s (estimate)
Birthday: Unknown (is the same birthday as Dudley)
Personal Information
  Independient bussiness
  President of the company (light company)
  Several parts of the world
  Petropolis, CA
  Presumed dog and Smartie (both said by Dudley)
  Verminious Snaptrap
Love Interests:
  Kitty Katswell (in Twin Dog)
Peg Puppy
Unknown father
Dudley Puppy
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Twin Dog
Voiced by:
Jerry Trainor

He's the twin brother of Dudley (he hates Jim). Unlike Dudley, he is a lot smarter, not only his brother but is smarter than Kitty and Keswick. He works in a giant corporation that reaches around the world. He wears glasses, pants, sweaters (long sleeves and a shorter one). When he realizes that he hated sought help from Dudley for that he to act as Dudley, but ends up making an unusual love triangle between Kitty, Dudley and Jim . He was manipulated by Snaptrap and Birdbrain to get rid the T.U.F.F. agents. He appears in Twin Dog and Dudley Gets an F. He's voiced by Jerry Trainor.

Why Dudley hates Jim?

Despite being his only brother, Dudley hates Jim because is jealous of his extreme intelligence, and that among them, Jim was the first who could speak, walk, read and write, had the best grades in school life and university. In Twin Dog, when Jim returned to Petropolis, everyone started to hate him, so Jim makes it a pact with Dudley, for Jim act as Dudley, because they are twins, but Snaptrap and Birdbrain will introduce a chip on his back, thinking it was Dudley, so they have full control of Jim, making a villain, making him takes Kitty into a mountain near an abyss, but Dudley avoids it avoids and remove the Jim's chip from his back and throws it to the abyss, so Jim becomes good again, and both defeat Snaptrap and Birdbrain, then Jim and Dudley made ​​a promise not to hate anymore, but Dudley interrupts and prolongs the promise, saying that if he forgets it happened, he hate Jim again. In the episodes Week of the jokes of the jokes and Dudley Gets an F, Dudley hates Jim again... just as he promised.

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