Plot: As vacation time approaches, Dudley and Kitty plan to have a great vacation.


  • Captain: "We will be landing shortly."
  • Kitty: "Ohh, I'm so excited. Soon we'll be cruising on the pool at Bali, Indonesia."
  • Dudley: "Ditto! What do you want to do?"
  • Kitty: "Relax. But seeing how that destroyed a cruise ship. Swim."
  • (the plane lands on the runway)
  • Keswick: "Okay, Let's Get to Th-Th-The Hotel."
  • The Chief: "What about D.O.O.M.?"
  • Kitty: "I took care of them."
  • (cut to Verminious Snaptrap and his crew sitting in a box made of pure steel.)
  • Snaptrap: "Curse you, Agent Katswell!"
  • Larry: "At least we have food. (Francisco belches) Or... maybe not."
  • (back to T.U.F.F.)
  • Employee: "Our compliments."
  • Kitty: "Ooohhh. (takes drink) Tastes like Jell-o."
  • Employee: "This way, Sirs and Madams."
  • (they go into their hotel room)
  • Dudley: "Check out the digs!"
  • Kitty: "Neat! (yawns) Well, I'm going to hit the hay. See ya."
  • TBC

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