Keswick: i would like to present my newest invention: the Gigantor! it can make anything or anyone 100x bigger!say this mirror.

(the beam gets reflected from the mirror to a box labeled "chiefs mirror collection") (door opens)

Kitty:hey,what i missed? (the beam hits kitty) (kitty grows and her shadow covers Keswick)

Keswick:I'm gonna need new pants.

Kitty:what the?is this what i missed?

Dudley:kitty,you got zapped by Keswick's grow ray!

Kitty:no worries.i,ll be fine until then.

Chief:You're not worried?


Keswick:but we may not be able to change you back till next week!

Kitty:now im worried!Don't you have a shrink ray or something?

Keswick:yeah but Dudley shrunk it down.

Dudley:you could shrink yourself down and unshrink it.

Keswick:yeah,but..with what!?

Kitty:i`m doomed.

Dudly:relax,kitty.try to calm down till then.

kitty:how can i!?i`m 50 feet tall for gosh sake!!!

Keswick:Technically 51.

Kitty:Shut it!!!!

Dudley:Is there anything you can do?

Kitty:I could visit Dr.Goodandnormal.he`s been my doctor for over 5 years!

Dudley:Than do that!

Kitty:I shall!

(transition to Dr.Goodandnormals waiting room.)

Kitty:What do you mean we can`t fix me?!

Dr.GAN:Sorry,the cure doesn't affect over 52

Kitty:I'm 51!!!

Dr.GAN:I'm on lunch.

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