Helen "Chief the 2nd" Dumbrowski is the daughter of Herbert "Chief" Dumbrowski. She appears in the Spin-Off "T.U.F.F. Puppy: The 2nd Generation".


Helen appears to have an older look oposed to her original age, Which is about 28. She bears a similar resemblence to the Chief, Only a much younger look.

Helen wears a dark brown dress similar to The Chief's uniform along with a small whitesh-tan apron. She has puffy orange hair that she has curled up as a messy bun in her hair. She also wears red lipstick with long, spikey, flashy eyebrows. She wears black shoes.


Much like her father, Helen is demanding and often bossy, And it is revealed that she is very impatient, But she still has a soft spot for small kids. She originally dreamed of becoming a School Teacher because of her love for kids, But she refused to take that route and she eventually became the leader of T.U.F.F. like her father.

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