"I can't believe this. The Chief fired us," Claire said trying to stop herself from crying. "Why would he fire us? He always told us we were among his top agents," said Skip. "Apparently he's been lying to us," said Matt as he kicked a can sitting next to his foot. "But...this doesn't seem right. What are we going to do now?" asked Ralph. "I guess...I should head back to Russia; Maybe I can work with R.U.F.F., if they don't hold this whole thing against me," said R looking down. "Wait, you're leaving?" asked Claire. "I'm afraid so Claire." "...I'm leaving too," said Skip. "Not you too Skip," Claire said nearly about to cry again. "I'm going to head back to my hometown. I can start over there." "But...that's so far away from Petropolis," said Crazy. "I know. But I'll come back and visit, I promise." "Wait...what about the party?" "Sorry Claire, but I'm not in the mood to party," said WK.
"WK, you're not leaving too are you?" "No, Claire. I'm staying in Petropolis. Just going to have to look for a new job." "Crazy, are you leaving?" "No, I'm staying. Not sure of what to do now though." "You might not see me too much though, I'm going to move uptown. They have this new chicken restaurant up there that I'm dying to check out," replied Kat. "That would be your reason to leave?" asked Crazy. "Yep." "I'm moving too. Going to see if I can find a job downtown," said Ralph. "Ralph no...We can't leave each other behind. We're a team remember?" "Not anymore, Claire. The Company is over," said Matt. "'s not." "Sorry to say this...but Matt is right," said R. "No, we can't break up!" "WHAT PART OF THIS DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?! TUFF COMPANY IS OFFICIALLY OVER!" Matt shouted at Claire.

Claire instantly fell to her knees and started crying. "...I'm sorry Claire.....I didn't." "It's ok...I know you guys are right. I-I just hate to see everyone leave ." "Well, me and Matt aren't moving anywhere. You still have us," said Crazy. "But it still won't be the same." "It's getting late...I need to get my stuff together. It has been nice knowing you guys," said R as he began to walk away. "R, don't leave yet!" "I should Claire, the longer I stay here, the harder it will be to say good-bye." R pulled out his keys and stepped into his car. "If things go well I'll send you guys postcards. Maybe I might come over to visit. Good-bye everyone." R started the RUFF mobile and quickly drove off. "I should go too. It was fun guys, see ya around," Skip said as he hopped away. Everyone said their good-byes and went their own way.

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