Three days had passed and Petropolis was beginning to like its old self. The Company had received gifts from everyone in the city. “I love all of these apology gifts the town is giving us,” said Kat as he ate his gift. “You’ll like anything as long as its chicken related,” replied Fairly. “I know, but it’s awesome that everyone is doing this for us.” Kitty and Dudley then walked into the room with the Company. “Hey guys, how’s everything going?” asked Kitty. “Everything is going great! Just look at all these presents we have here,” answered Kat. “I’m glad to hear that.” “Kitty, where did Jack and the others keep you guys? I never saw any of you in the prison,” asked Matt. “They held us within the cells in the back of TUFF. From what I heard, our treatment was much better than yours.”

“Well, you guys weren’t accused of killing someone,” answered Amo. Claire then ran into the room with the others jumping around with excitement. “Guys, I have great news!” “What is it Claire?” asked Kat. “I’m throwing a party! Do you guys want to go?” Everyone nodded their heads and agreed to go to the party. “Yay, I already told the Chief that we were leaving early so let’s go,” said Claire as she pushed Crazy outside. “Shouldn’t be after we’re done working?” asked R. “She already told the Chief we’re leaving we might as well go,” said Fairly. The rest followed Claire out of the door. A few minutes later, the Chief enters the room to find the company gone. “Darn, I missed them,” said the Chief as he snapped his fingers. “Afraid so Chief,” said Kitty. “Do you really think they’re ready for this?” asked Dudley. “Not all of them agent Puppy, but sooner or later they all will be ready.” “I hope you’re right about this Chief,” said Kitty.

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