The timer on the bomb was counting down quickly and the villains were getting farther and farther away. “What are we going to do?” Claire asked panicking. “Calm down Claire, we’ll think of something,” said R. “Well you guys better think fast, we’re running out of time,” the Chief said as calmly as he could. The citizens all started to run around, confused and scared. “…I think I have an idea,” Claire said shyly. “What is it?” everyone asked at once. “Well…there’s so many of us. Why don’t some of us take the citizens to safety, others can go and catch the villains, and the rest can handle the bomb?” “That’s actually a good idea,” replied Kat. “Alright, Sherry, Ralph, Amo and Fairly; you guys go after the villains. Claire, Crazy, Maria, and Chito; you guys escort the citizens to safety. Matt, Skip, Kat and I will try to disarm this bomb,” said R. “Sounds good, now get to work!”


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