Franz Ferdinand
Gender: Male
Hair color:       Light tan and Black
Eye color:       Black
Species: Pure-breed German Shepherd
Age: 30
Birthday: June 28,1981
Personal Information
  Leader of an evil organization
  Chernobyl, Ukraine
  The Kaiser, The Teutonic Terror
  Goverment, Power, and Money
  Rule Europe, restore his pride and gain respect


His first appearance was in Chapter 5 of the fanfic Stay T.U.F.F! (not done with revision).


He is a pure-breed German Shepard with light tan and black fur. He is about 5ft 7 inches, and he wears a black tuxedo and a black bow tie (at least in the art shown). His body is a tad shorter than Jack Rabbit (without ears) and has the build. His eyes are black, bushy tail, pointy ears, and has dark muzzle (like most German Shepherds).

Hero to Zero

To be anounced....

Rise to Power

A brilliant scientist developed an injection to increase an organism's speed and strength tenfold! Franz volunteered for the experiment, after Franz decided to turn his back on the scientist, he killed the scientist and took his formulas to create his own versions. Always wanting to be a leader he with the help of another scientist kidnapped a hand full of subjects to brianwash them and teach them to be the way Franz wanted them to be. Then they give them the injection to form a small army of super powerful beings like Franz. But Franz made sure that he is by far the most powerfull. Although most volunteered such as Vladimir, Frank, and Rex.

Conquering Europe

He has been threating the Ukraine and nieghboring countries, Franz wants to take over them. They threated those countries until their goverment give full power to Franz. However the countries never took him seriously. When Franz did attack the country won't go down without a fight, this caused some casualties to Franz's army (even greater for the men defending thier country). Keep in mind Franz has a small army.


Dudley Puppy

Franz was running short on recruits on his conquest of Europe, Rex happened to mention Dudley one time.

Rex Puppy

Franz considers Rex to be a low-class weakling (maybe if he is compared to Franz)

Kitty Katswell

Dr. Rabies and Madame Catastrophe

Went to high school with them.

Verminious Snaptrap

Snaptrap is totally afraid of him in person.

Jack Rabbit

Franz used to be great freinds with Jack back when both were still good guys. After an important W.U.F.F.U mission to Sudan. Before that mission Franz was deemed the greatest promise for the future. However during the mission an overwhelming amount of bandits attacked the distressed town they were sent to. Among the chaos Franz was captured and he saw Jack run away despite his pleads for help. After Franz felt betrayed and abandoned.


He is Franz's most trusted friend and comrade. He is also the second most powerful member of the Black Star Army and possibly the world. Vladimir is loyal to Franz no matter what, despite the fact that he is much bigger than Franz.


  • He shares the name of the Archduke of Austria-Hungary, who's assassination sparked WWI in 1914.

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