In this fanfic, Flame and Tortie head to the beach with Tabby and Kyle.


[at Flame and Tortie's]

  • Tortie: Hey, Flame!
  • Flame: Yeah?
  • Tortie: Kyle just called me, And he's inviting you, me, and Tabby to the beach!
  • Flame: That sounds good. I'll call Tabby and ask him if he can come.
  • Tortie: Ok.

[Flame dials Tabby's number]

  • Tabby: Hello?
  • Flame: Hey Tab. It's Flame. I was wondering if you wanted to come to the beach with me and Tortie.
  • Tabby: Sure, I'll come over soon.
  • Flame: Great, bye!
  • Tortie: Don't forget Kyle!
  • Tabby: Bye.
  • Flame: Too late. Sorry.
  • Tortie: [sighs] Nevermind.

[cuts to the beach]

  • Kyle: [sets up the umbrella]
  • Tortie: [lays out the towels]
  • Kyle: Ok, Who has the picnic basket?
  • Flame: I do. [opens picnic basket]
  • Flame: [hands out sandwiches]
  • Kyle: [takes bite of his sandwich and spits it out] Ugh, this is disgusting! [flings sandwich across the beach] WHY CAN'T MY MOM BW A GOOD COOK!?

[A seagull snatches the sandwich, takes a bite, turns green, and then flies away squawking] [after lunch]

  • Tabby: Why don't we go swimming?
  • Tortie: Hey, sounds great!
  • Kyle: [Grabs Boogie Board]
  • Flame: Yeah good idea Tab.
  • Tortie: [Puts on Mini Scuba Gear]
  • Flame: [puts on more sunscreen]
  • Tortie: Seriously!?
  • Flame: Hey, you know how easily I get sunburnt!

[they all go into the water]

  • Flame: Ahh, this is nice.
  • Kyle: [splashes Tortie]
  • Tortie: Hey! [splashes back]
  • Kyle: [dives into the water and comes back up, spitting out some water. Tortie giggles.]
  • Tabby: [gets on a surfboard and falls off]
  • Flame: [laughs]
  • Tabby: Okay, I'm NOT a surfer!
  • Tortie: [bursts out laughing]

[a big wave comes and knocks Tortie over]

  • Tortie: Let me guess, Revenge?
  • Kyle: [laughs] Probably.
  • Tortie: [splashes Kyle]
  • Kyle: [splashes back]
  • Flame: Let me try the surfboard!
  • Tabby: Trust me, you don't want to.
  • Flame: Ah, I wanna try it. [gets on the board]

[a six foot wave comes and sends flame flying]

  • Flame: AHHHHH
  • Tortie: FLAME!
  • Kyle: Whoa!
  • Tabby: Uh-oh.

[they all rush over to Flame, who, thankfully, lands onto the soft sand]

  • Tabby: [helps Flame up] You ok?
  • Tortie: At least she landed on the sand.
  • Flame: [rubbing her side] I think so. But no more surfing!
  • Tortie: Why don't we do something else?
  • Kyle: I agree!
  • Tabby: Yeah.
  • Flame: Anything but surfing!
  • Tortie: Hmm...Look! Over there they're holding a Sandcastle Contest!

[points to the contest stand]

  • Flame: We gotta enter that!
  • Kyle: Totally!
  • Tabby: Yeah!

[they enter the contest and start building a sandcastle]

  • Kyle: Ok, We have an hour to build a castle, What do we have so far?
  • Tortie: This pile of sand.
  • Kyle: You've gotta be kidding me.

[they continue building]

  • Tortie: Man, I fail at making Sandcastles!
  • nFlame: It looks... weird.
  • Tabby:...yeah
  • Judge: Okay, times up!
  • Kyle: I think we lost.
  • Flame: Yeah.
  • Judge: And the winner is...Team #4! [places Medal on the Castle]
  • Tortie: Team 4? That's us!
  • Kyle: wait, What's going on here? I thought we had the WORST sand castle here!
  • Flame: Hey look! The contest was for "strangest sandcastle"
  • Tabby: Whoa!
  • Tortie: Awesome!
  • Kyle: Yeah, you're the best sand castle builder ever!
  • Flame: Yeah!
  • Tabby: Totally.
  • Tortie: (blushes)
  • Flame: Ugh, I got a sunburn on my shoulders!
  • Tortie: Oh man, Me too!
  • Tabby: Ugh so did I.
  • Kyle: Not me!
  • Tortie: [touches Kyle's shoulder]
  • Kyle: OW! Ugh, nevermind.
  • Flame: C'mon let's go home.
  • Tortie: Ughhh...Ok..

[after dropping Tabby and Kyle off, Flame and Tortie return home]

  • Flame: Uhh, look at my shoulders! They're bright red!
  • Tortie: Ouhh...Mom...Where are you...?
  • Dad: In here!
  • Tortie: Dad? Where's mom?
  • Dad: She's out shopping. And what's wrong with your arms and legs?
  • Tortie: We got sunburns at the beach.
  • Flame: Yeah...
  • Dad: Well, Here... {gives the girls a bottle of sunburn treatment oil]
  • Tortie: Thanks.

[Transition to the girls' room]

  • Tortie: [Flame rubs the oil on her back] Ow, Ow, OW!
  • Flame: Aww. Sounds painful. Can you do my back now?
  • Tortie: Hnng, Sure... [rubs the lotion/oil on Flame's back]
  • Flame: OW! That hurts!
  • Flame: Uhh, I hate getting a sunburn.
  • Tortie: I know, Me too.
  • Mom: [enters room] Girls, I'm home!
  • Tortie: This feels worse than the time I got Food Poisening by Mrs. Puppy's desserts...
  • Flame: Yeah this is awful.
  • Mom: What's wrong?
  • Tortie: We went to the beach and we got sunburned.
  • Flame: Yeah, really badly...
  • Mom: Why didn't you girls put on sunscreen?
  • Tortie: But we did! ...Didn't we?
  • Flame: We must have forgotten to put more on with that sandcastle contest!
  • Mom: There was a sandcastle contest?
  • Tortie: Uh-huh... But we did get first prize!
  • Mom: That's great. But I'm still upset with you for not using sunscreen.
  • Tortie: We're sorry, mom.
  • Flame: Yeah... You think we're not upset too?
  • Flame: Oh and I crashed while surfing!
  • Mom: You WHAT!?
  • Flame: It's okay, I landed in the sand.
  • Mom: Flame! You could have gotton SERIOUSLY hurt!
  • Flame: It was just surfing!
  • Mom: Just please...DON'T DO IT AGAIN! [walks out and slams the door firmly yet mildly]
  • Flame: Well that was cheery.
  • Tortie: Yeah...
  • [the end]

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