Flame Catson
"Sure, I'd love to!"
Gender: Female
Hair color:       Orange
Eye color:       Blue
Species: Flame Point Siamese Cat
Age: 16
Birthday: September 9
Personal Information
  Student at Petropolis High School
Mr. Catson

Mrs. Catson

Tortie (Younger sister)
Cream (Older sister)

Flame is a female Flame Point Siamese Cat. Her fur color is mostly white, with orange markings on her face and tail. She has orange hair and blue eyes. She is voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard.


Flame was the second child born in her family, three years after her older sister, Cream, was born. For the first four years of her life, it was just her and Cream. The two of them had a good relationship and rarely got into disagreements. When Flame was four, Tortie was born, and she formed an instant bond with her younger sister. Both her and Cream had fun playing with their younger sister as she grew up.

As the girls grew older, Flame continued to have a great relationship with her sisters, particularly with Tortie. Cream started college when Flame was 15, and she found it difficult seeing less of her older sister.

Flame has always had a close relationship with her parents. She inherited her fathers sense of humor and her mothers responsible nature.

Flame has always done well in school, and is usually in the top half or third in her grade. Despite her nice personality, Flame has never had any close friends at school. Shortly after turning 16, Flame met her current boyfriend (and future husband) Tabby.


Flame has a nice, friendly, bubbily, happy-go-lucky personality. Everyone who meets her instantly likes her.


Flame has mostly white fur, with splotches of orange on her face. Her tail I entirely orange. She has orange hair and blue eyes. She is around 5'5" tall. She usually wears a green shirt and a short blue skirt. She does not wear shoes, as she finds them "annoying and uncomfortable".



Flame has a particularly tight relationship with her younger sister, Tortie. She always wants to spend time with her and finds her enjoyable to be around.


Flame also has an excellent relationship with Cream, her older sister by three years. Much like with Tortie, Flame wants to spend time with Cream and enjoys her company.


Flame is close to her parents and loves them dearly.


Flame met Tabby shortly after she turned 16, and the two hit it off immediately. She eventually ends up marrying him.

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