It was a sunny evening in Petropolis. It was also the day Dudley Puppy, A hyper-active, Super secret Canine agent, and his lovely, intelligent feline partner, Kitty Katswell’s Wedding Day. The Wedding was going to be held and catered at T.U.F.F. Headquarters, Dudley and Kitty’s work place.

Soon afterwards, The infamous “Here Comes The Bride” rhythmic melody begins to play, And Kitty is seen walking down the aisle, Wearing a beautiful white gown that slid across the aisle with her. “Dearly beloved, We are g-g-g-gathered here today, To honor the marriage of Dudley Puppy and Kitty K-k-k-Katswell. “ Spoke Keswick as he flipped through pages of a small book in his hands. “Dudley Puppy,” Began Keswick as he motioned over to a nervous Dudley. “Do you take this here B-b-b-bride to be your lovely wedded wife?” “I…I do.” Sputtered Dudley as he bowed his head in embarrassment, blushing hard. “And do you, Kitty Katswell,” Began Keswick. “Do you take Dudley P-p-p-Puppy to be your lovely wedded husband?” “I do…” Smiled Kitty as she blushed firmly. “I now pronounce you, Man and wife! You may k-k-k-kiss the b-b-b-bride.” Said Keswick as he bowed and quickly walked away from the now married couple. Kitty and Dudley then shared a lustful, passionate kiss with each other, And then embraced each other warmly, Which then turned into a soft dance. The newlywed pairing then walked out onto the balcony, and among the moonlight, Shared yet another passionate kiss with each other. Later, During the Wedding feast, Kitty accidently splattered Dudley with her wedding cake, Which led into a twosome food fight. The two laughed together and let their lips though once again, Along with cake all over their cheeks.

This was only the beginning of their new life together.

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