Dudley Puppy
Gender: Male
Age: 22 (current age)
Birthday: November 24
Personal Information
  Turbo Undercover Fighting Force
  Secret Agent
  Petropolis, CA (His mother's house) (current)
123 Knawbone Lane, Puppy Manor, Petropolis, CA (future)
The Chief
All T.U.F.F. agents
  Verminious Snaptrap
The Chameleon
Bird Brain
Love Interests:
  Kitty Katswell
  Fighting crime, chasing bones, eating
Mr. Puppy

Peg Puppy

Grandpa Puppy

Grandma Puppy

Kitty Katswell (future)
Mandy Puppy (future)
Tiffany Puppy (future)
Kyle Puppy (future)
Kathy Puppy (future)
Willy Puppy (future)
Misty Puppy (future
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Purr-fect Partners
Voiced by:
Jerry Trainor

Dudley Puppy is one T.U.F.F.'s top agents, and Kitty Katswell's partner.


Dudley Puppy is T.U.F.F.'s newest agent, and partner to T.U.F.F.'s top agent, Kitty Katswell. Although he usually bumbles through most missions, Dudley always comes through in the end to save the day.


Even though he's said to be a mix of every breed of dog known to man (or animal),Dudley has the appearance of a beagle (resembling dogs like Snoopy from the Charlie Brown franchise having black ears and nose, while the rest of his fur is white) but with blue eyes. He only wears a tight, black T-shirt and he almost never wears any pants, as he is shown to hate them. In a few episodes he has worn a pair for a certain reason, usually for a disguise. He has a physically fit chest and pair of arms, with skinny legs (most-likely due to his greyhound DNA), giving him a top-heavy frame, and has a short, pointy tail on top of a bubbly butt. He's about 5 feet tall (excluding ears) as shown by the mugshot of his doppelganger, Dr. Rabies.


Although smart and clever, Dudley is an incredibly air-headed and jumpy dog. Even though he's said to have no fear, he's had a history of being irrationally afraid of things like bugs, thunder, and dentists. As a T.U.F.F. agent, and a dog who loves the feeling of being good, he loves to catch bad guys like Bird Brain and The Chameleon. With his superior DNA, Dudley has tons of canine abilities that make him the ultimate mix of dog breeds and an awesome crime-fighting force. He has the best skills from every doggie gene pool (as well as being part billy goat somehow). With the great speed of a greyhound, the superior sense of smell of a bloodhound, and the powerful punch of a boxer, he can't be stopped. But he's still a sloppy, excitable pup, and he goes MAD for bones. He clearly isn't a thoroughly trained dog, and still retains many regular dog-traits like chasing his tail, chewing his butt and chasing tennis balls. In addition, he is completely dependent of his mom in the house. He seems to like grapes and anything grape flavored, if anything he's often seen drinking grape soda and he also loves grape flavored snow cones, as seen in Lie Like a Dog.



Kitty Katswell

The Chief


Mandy Puppy

Tiffany Puppy

Kyle Puppy

Kathy Puppy

Peg Puppy

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