Name: Dora

Accent: British

Age: Same as Kezwick

Hair Color: White

Eye color: Royal Purple and Cerulean Blue mix (doesn't show)

Species: Kezwick

Parents: unknown Mother

Friends: Dudley, Kitty, Chief, Kezwick (husband)


Dora is from Kezwickia too. She first met Kezwick at T.U.F.F. when she moved from London, England (or Great Britain/U.K./Britain) and was recruited as his genius partner. That's why she has a British accent and voice. They soon fell in love, married, and had three daughters and two sons. She goes through a metamorphosis like Kezwick does and has a tail like his.


Dora has her hair style natural like Kezwick's except wears cerulean and violet bow. She wears a Royal Purple shirt with a Cerulean Blue skirt but doesn't wear shoes. Dora looks exactly like Kezwick except that she has a snowy-white patch on her chest and paw with white hair. Her tail is a lighter green.


Dora is nice, sweet, fun loving, and smart just like Kezwick. She is fearful of bad guys but feels safer with Kezwick by her side. The poor girl has tulip allergies, so she has to stay away from tulips or else she'll sneeze as seen in Kezwick and Dora: Rescuing the Babies. Dora REALLY loves Kezwick and would never let anything bad happen to him. EVER.


Dora appeared in:

  • Kezwick and Dora: The Newborns
  • Kezwick and Dora: The Parents Visit
  • Kezwick and Dora: Rescuing the Babies


In Kezwick and Dora: Dudley Babysits, Dudley kept tripping over Dora's tail.

Dudley: Okay, where are the little cuties you were talking about? *walks in and trips over Dora's tail* whooaa!

Kezwick: *catches and helps Dudley stand back up*

Dora: *giggles* Sorry.

Dudley: That's okay.

Color changing/Animation errors

In Kezwick and Dora: The Parents Visit, Keswick's eyes turn red when he got angry at Snaptrap for kidnapping his mom and refused to let her go and said in a dark voice before pushing a self destruct button: "So be it!"

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