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Doggie Be Back is a Season 2 1 hour special of T.U.F.F Puppy and The Police Squad Members.


The Law Enforcement Members and Leaders

The Petropolis City Police Crew Members

Joshua: Police Officer

Derek: Bank Security Officer

Kitty Katswell: Secret Agent

Dudley Puppy: Secret Agent

Claire: Secret Agent

Moby: Secret Agent

Bobby: Secret Agent

Jumbo: Secret Agent

T.U.F.F. Troopers Members

Herbert Dumbrowski: Turbo Undercover Fighting Force Leader

Christina: Petropolis City Police Department Force Leader

Clint: Swat Commander

Christian: Police Lieutenant

Carl: Police Sergeant

Courtney: Police Captain

State Leader and City Leader

Teddy Bear: The Mayor

Monica: The President


Kevin: Civilian

Kimberly: Civilian

Isabella: Civilian

Jason: Civilian

Lewis: Civilian

Lindsey: Civilian

Allison: Civilian

Andrew: Civilian


Snaptrap: D.O.O.M. Leader

Ollie: Snaptrap's Henchmen Member

Francisco: Snaptrap's Henchmen Member

Vince: Snaptrap's Henchmen Member

Larry: Snaptrap's Henchmen Member

The Chameleon: The master of disguises.


Petropolis City Police Department Station

T.U.F.F. Headquarter Base

Petropolis Bank

Mayor's Building

President's Building

Law Enforcement Vehicles

Police Cars

Undercover Sport Police Cars

Police Motorcycles

Swat Team Vans

Police SUV

Police Helicopter

T.U.F.F. Mobile

Trooper Members Truck

Civilian Vehicles

Black Sport Cars

White Cars

Blue Motorcycles

Gray SUVs

Dark Blue Cars

Dark Red SUVs

Dark Green Cars


The Chief's long lost dog returns, at the same time that many of the villains suspiciously start committing a rash of crimes across the city.


  • Episode starts in Ralph's driveway, where he has a sausage biscuit in his right hand, poster in his left hand*
  • a black sport car pulls up*

Allison: Hey Ralph, how's is going?!

Ralph: Do I know you two before?!

Andrew: No, but that's some good lookin' sausage!

Ralph:*looks at him with a weird look*

Andrew:*drives off*

  • At T.U.F.F*

Ralph:*hanging poster*

Dudley: WHOA!

Kitty: DUDLEY!

Dudley: LOOK KITTY! *points at poster* IT'S ME! IT'S ME!I T'S ME! THERE YOU ARE, KITTY!


Keswick:*looking at poster* There are 26 numbers of options in which I-I-I-I look good!

Ralph: Alright agents, look and see if you're on the poster!

Agent Jumbo: Ooh, I'm next to Ralph!

Ralph:*about to puke*

Agent Moby:THERE I AM!


Aget Nutz:Aww,look at the new couple!

Ralph:*on purpously jumps off ladder,hitting head on rail*WHO NEEDS A RAIL IN THE MIDDLE OF A HALLWAY?!

  • goes to Chiefs office*

Chief:Wonder what all the rucus is about?

  • goes back to main area*




Keswick:I look h-hot,don't I?!?!

Chief:*looking at poster* No...*runs to office crying*

Ralph:Wonder what's wrong with him?

  • Ralph,Kitty,and Dudley run into Chief's office*

Ralph:What's wrong Chief?

Chief:It's just my long lost dog, Henry Smartbrowski.I have no idea why I named him that, hmm...

  • dog jumps through hidden bookshelf*


Ralph:Wait, you can have dogs as pets?


  • At D.O.O.M*

Snaptrap:How I love ice cream socials!


Larry:Yeah,it's not like you could've picked...

Snaptrap:*throws Larry into the shark tank*

Ollie:What's our next plan,boss?

Snaptrap:We are going to robbing the Petropolis bank!

Vince:Wow.How great.We'll get rich,at least!

Franscisco:Uh...boss...when will this robbery happen?


Vince:*licking ice cream* Thanks for cookies 'n cream/vanilla as today's flavor!

Snaptrap:FINISHED!TO THE D.O.O.M Moblie !


  • in D.O.O.M Moblie*

Vince:*driving* There it is!*hit's brakes*


  • inside bank*


Derek:*tases Snaptrap*

Vince:*shoots a bank security officer with ray gun*

Oliie:Boss,are you alright?

Snaptrap:Yes,you stupid bone-head idiot! NOW STEAL THE MONEY!

  • One of the bank workers pulls the intruder alarm*

Snaptrap:What's that noise?

Vince:Intruder alarm.

SnapTrap:Oh great, just great!

  • At T.U.F.F*

Keswick:Agents,I have new intel that D.O.O.M is robbing the First Petropolis Bank.

Keswick:One of the bank workers pulls the intruder alarms.

Keswick:Oh, and also, there's Vince shooting at Derek with a machine gun.

Agent Kitty:Who's Derek?

Keswick:A bank security officer.

Agent Kitty:Oh.


Chief:Agreed with Agent Wolf's random outburst!

Dudley:*chasing toy*

Chief:Agent Wolf,you and Agent Katswell and your troopers members can get over there while Dudley's busy!

Ralph:*get's in T.U.F.F mobile*

  • The Tuff troopers members get in the tuff truck*
  • drives off*

Dudley:Guys,wait for me!*Runs after them,and sucessfully jumps on T.U.F.F Mobile*

Ralph:Get on Dudley.Now.

  • The Tuff agents and The Tuff troopers members are heading to the bank*
  • While The Tuff Members driving, The police are right behind the T.U.F.F. mobile and truck, and the police dashed them*

Agent Kitty:Who are they?

Keswick on the screen:Agents, I have another intel is that they are the Petropolis City Police Department.

Agent Dudley:What is the police?

Keswick:The police is an organized body of police officers are responsible and protect for a country, district, civilians, or the government.

Keswick:Also,the police are the lower law enforcement.

Agent Dudley:What weapons does the police force have?

Keswick:Good question, their weapons was tasers, police baton, riot shield, pepper spray, flashlights, walkie talkie, and guns.

Agent Dudley:Oh wow.

Agent Dudley:So anyway, who the called the police?

Keswick:One of the civilians dialed 911 on their phones, because the civilians saw snaptrap and his goons carrying the weapons on their hands.

  • at the bank*
  • Five Black and White Police Cruisers and Four Black Swat Team Vans and Six Black and White Police SUV and Seven Black and White Police Motorcycles and Six Undercover Police Sport Cars are shown in front of the bank*


Vince:*picks up laser submachine gun*Always wanted to do this.

  • walks outside bank*

Vince:EAT THIS,COPPERS!*begins to fired the machine gun*

Officer Courtney:Look out!!

Swat Commander Clint:COVER!TAKE COVER!!!

Police Man #2:*pulls a police officer down beside the police car*

Vince:*runs out of ammo**sighs**walks back into the bank*

Officer Carl:He's out of ammo, now!

Officer Joshua:We know that!

  • T.U.F.F. Mobile and T.U.F.F. Truck pulls in*
  • The T.U.F.F. Troopers Members get out the truck*

Ralph*get's out*Darn it,you and the rest of your police squad beat us!

Undercover Police Man #1:Doesn't matter!

Officer Joshua:Yeah.

Officer Parnelli:*Shakes head*

Agent Kitty:Excuse me,Officer Joshua,can you tell me why you and the rest of your police crew members are doing here?

Officer Joshua:Strange,Agent Puppy just asked me the same thing. We're here, because those criminals are robbing the bank.

Agent Kitty:Oh yeah, that's right.

  • S.W.A.T helicopter appears*

Ollie:Sounds like a helicopter!

Vince:Give me a break!

Larry:OH NO!!!!!WE'RE GONNA GET ARRESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vince:Not on my watch!

Police Helicopter Pilot:Alright,on my go,I want all of you to rappel on the banks' roof,enter,and clear the bank of the robbers!

Vince:*comes out rooftop entrance*Hehe.*Fires rocket launcher at helicopter*

Pilot:Mayday!Mayday!We're goin down!!!!*S.W.A.T helicopter crashes*


  • everyone (excluding Parnelli,who trips)form a line behind Ralph*


  • The Police Crew Members and The Tuff Agents and Tuff Troopers Members charged into the bank*



Swat Team Member Man #1:Drop your weapons!!!

Swat Team Member Woman #2:Don't move!

Swat Team Member Woman #3:STAY WHERE YOU ARE!!

Swat Team Member Man #4:Dropped your knees down!

T.U.F.F. Trooper Member Man #1:Don't move! or we will shoot at you!

Undercover Police Woman #9:Don't even think about picking up your weapons on the ground!

Officer Joshua:I will give you one chance,surrender or else!

Snap trap:Oh,you want me to surrender by you and the rest of your stupid police crew members, Never!!

Officer Joshua:This is your final warning! Surrender right now!!

Snap trap:Oh give me a break,who gonna listened to the stupid police!!

Snap trap:Now Vince,uses the rocket launcher to blast our ways out!!

Vince:*Blasts them out of the way with the rest of D.O.O.M*

  • D.O.O.M. get's in the D.O.O.M Mobile*

Ollie:We're all inside!GO!!!!!

Vince:*drives away from the bank*

Snap trap:Let's see what money we got.

  • Snaptrap opened a bag*

Snap trap:WHAT?! a 12 dollars?! What a rip off!!

  • Meanwhile at M.M.E.O.W HQ*

Tony:*Reading magazine*Oh,come on!Tabitha's no good for you,Mark!

Jeremy:What are you ranting about?

Tony:Here.*gives him magazine*


Tony:I know,right?


Tony:What?Lemme see that!

Shawn:Guys,I invented a new weapon,THE T.U.F.F DESTROYER!

Tony:Alright,we must beat D.O.O.M to J.E.R.R.Y HQ.

Hyper:Let's go.

  • The team get's into the M.M.E.O.W Mobile*

Tony:*Drives off*

  • At T.U.F.F*

Keswick:Agents,I have new intel that M.M.E.O.W and D.O.O.M are in an a-a-a-angency war.

Ralph:Er,I thought it was gang war?

Keswick:Same difference,now GO!

  • T.U.F.F Mobile drives oiff*
  • at J.E.R.R.Y*

Tony:*Blasts Snaptrap down*VICTORY!

Jeremy:*Plants bomb*Hehe.

Tony:Now,let's get movin'!

  • Theyu get in M.M./E.O.W mobile and drive off*
  • T.U.F.F Mobile appears*

Ralph:*gets out*Oh no...


Ralph:M.M.E.O.W KO'd D.O.O.M,and there's a bomb in front of me that has 30 seconds left til it explodes.

Dudley:*picks up the unconsious D.O.O.M Agents*

Ralph:*Speeds off*Ok,make sure they don't regain concisonous!

  • Bomb explodes,destroying J.E.R.R.Y HQ*


  • Chameleons Lair*

Chameleon:Time to make my newest plan!

Joshua:*tied up*You're men here want to hear it.

Parnelli:Dude!*E.V.I.L agent zaps Parnelli*

E.V.I.L Agent:SHUT UP!

Chameleon:Anyhoo,the plan:

Parnelli:LOOOOOOOOVE to...

Guard:*Get's out electric staff*


Guard;*zaps him continiously*

Chameleon:First,we must destroy the Petropolis City Police Department Station!

Officer Joshua:Oh,great!How are me and Parnelli gonna get payed?!

Parnelli:*while getting zapped*!

Chameleon:Then we rob a clothing store!

Guard:*throws the officers outside*

Parnelli:*get's free*Good thing they threw us out here!*begins firing Joshua*

Officer Joshua:I know!

  • at T.U.F.F*

Ralph:*playing video games with Dudley*

Chief:*Playing tag with Henry*

Kitty:*Chasng a cat toy*

Claire:*Chasing same toy that Kitty's chasing*

Keswick:*Reading science book*

Starson:*Braiding an agents hair*

Agent Scarecrow:*Reading magazine*

  • Monitors bring up Chameleon*

Chameleon;*It is I,The Chameleon!We're going to destroy the Petropolis City Police Department Station!

Ralph:*Get's in T.U.F.F Mobile*

Dudley*In passenger seat*

Kitty:You guys go!

Claire:*Get's into back seat*Where we goin?

Ralph:Didn't you hear the Chameleon?The Petropolis City Police Department Station!

Claire:Why does the chameleon want us to go to the police? Did we do something bad?

Ralph:No, He's going to destroy the Petropolis City Police Department Station!

Claire:Who is?

Ralph:The Chameleon!


Ralph:*Dialing number on Cellphone*

  • R.I.T.A HQ*

R.J.:*Answers phone*Yeah Ralph?

Ralph:Can you come to T.U.F.F headquarter and help us stop Chameleon from destroy the Petropolis City Police Department Station?

R.J.:Sure.On My way.

Ralph:K.See ya,dad!*hangs up*

Starson:What do you want me to do?

Ralph:Give us snipere support from the T.U.F.F Copter if we tell ya that we need it!

Starson:Alright then.

  • time card says 2 minutes lkater*
  • R.J. appears in a car*

Ralph:You're here!

R.J.:*Gets' out*Yep.*Get's in T.U.F.F Mobile*So,what's the crime about?

Ralph:*Puts gear into 'drive' and drives off*The Chameleon's trying to destroy the Petropolis City Police Department Station!


  • Keswick appears on monitor*

Keswick:Agents Wolf,Puppy,Catty200,and R.J.,I have new intel that Do-Do-Do-D.O.O.M escaped freom prison and are escaping on top of the r-r-r-rooftop of the ofice building that they just robbed.

Dudley:And HOW do you know that they escaped,Keswick?

Keswick:Here.*Show's prison camera clip*

  • D.O.O.M is shown escaping*

Ralph:Starson,can you handle that?

Starson:*flying helicopter*Sure thing.

  • Another T.U.F.F Helicopter and police helicopter appear flying side by side behind Starson*

Starson:*Talking on radio*Bird 1 to T.U.F.F HQ,en route to office building.

Dispatcher*Revealed to be Macy Dominick*:Roger that,be careful though,the villians are armed.

Pilot:Nothing I haven't faced!*Flies towards building,where a D.O.O.M helicopter is seen flying next to the building*

Starson:*on radio*Freeze,this is the Turbo Undercover Fighting Force!Surren...

  • Helicopter turns around and blasts Starson's copter with rockets*


Parnelli:*in police helicopter*Wow...

Vince:Leave the money.Get on the helicopter NOW!!!!

  • D.O.O.M get's inside helicopter as it flies off*

Vince:We'll return there tomorrow.

Snaptrap:Why didn't we keep the money?

Vince:'Cause I have a diabolical plan that you'll love!

  • At Carter Carbon's HQ*


Gangster:What is it,boss?

Carter:You guys got any crime ideas?

Gangster #2:Yeah...

Carter:And what do you have?

Guard #2:Um...ram a police car and get chasede,I guess,

Carter:Fine job,Rocket!


  • 13 gangsters,along with Carter,get in a van and drive off*

Rocket:We there yet?

Carter:Ya,theres a police car.

  • Rams police car*

Carter:Ha!Wait,shouldn't he be chasin' us?

  • T.U.F.F. Mobile comes out of no where,going to arrest them*

Rocket:IT'S A TRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ralph:You're REALLY that stupid?


  • Ralph handcuffs him while his men sneak away*
  • Meanwhile,at D.O.O.M.*

Vince:I'll easily plan this onslaught carefully...

  • Snaptrap barges in*

Vince:*Draws line on accident*You made me mess up!WITH PERMANET MARKER!I mean,seriously,people!

Ollie:Boss,what is it?

Snaptrap:Vince,I came to tell ya,good job on plans...

Vince:Ok...*Talking to himself*Might as well join M.M.E.O.W.!

  • At T.U.F.F.*

Ralph:Night,agents!See ya in the morning.

Kitty:I'm gonna go claw up my couch.

Dudley:I'm gonna go to Roger's and play Bugout!

Ralph:*Turns lights off*

  • at Ralph's house*

Ralph:I'm home!*Looks around house*Hello?Anyone home?Mark?Night?Dad?*Sees note**Reads note*

  • Note unfolds*

Ralph:It says:"Hey Ralph,we'll be out of town for today,Tuesday,to next Friday.We left you lots to do.Have a great time bro,Mark".Hmm...YAY!

  • The next morning at T.U.F.F.*

Ralph:Morning ag...*Henry jumps on Ralph*


Kitty:I feel sick...*Vommits*

Chief:Agent Katswell,go home!Keswick,your gonna fill in for her!


Ralph:Agents,I just gotten word that M.M.E.O.W. is suggesting a parley withD.O.O.M.,but D.O.OO.M. didn't appear,so,as revenge,Waxer,with his boys,are going to blow up the castle in Petrpolis Community Park.I have a special approach to this situation,however.

Keswick:And it is?

Ralph:We set up a small squad of snipers were around the park.

Dudley:Then can we get some Space Jerky?

Ralph:Let's roll!

  • 11:59 PM*
  • Sniper squad get into positions*

Ralph:*On radio with snipers in other positions*Ok,get ready!

  • Tony and his men walk outside of castle*

Claire:What's this red thing coming out of this rifle?

Ralph:It shows where your shooting at.

Claire:Really now?*Fires rifle,hitting ground*


  • M.M.E.O.W. escapes*
  • At T.U.F.F. Headquarter*
  • Agent Kitty,Agent Dudley and Agent Ralph enter the chief's office*

Agent Kitty:Sir, we want to talked to you.

The Chief:Is there a problem, agents?


The Chief:Okay, I'm listening.

Agent Kitty:*take a deep breath* At the bank, we let snaptrap and his goons got away.

The Chief:WHAT?! WHY?!

Agent Kitty:We're sorry, we didn't mean to let those criminals got away.

The Chief:It's okay Kitty, can you tell me more?

Agent Kitty:Sure. When I was driving, we heard the sirens blaring behind us, and then they dashed us.

The Chief:Who dashed you?

Agent Kitty:The police.

The Chief:The police?!

Agent Kitty:Yeah.

The Chief:How did you met up with the police?

Agent Kitty:Well, we met up with the police at the bank, and then I talk to the police officer, who was wearing a dark blue shirt and a dark blue pants.

The Chief:Who was a police officer, a man or a woman?

Agent Kitty:A man.

The Chief:What was a man named, Kitty?

Agent Kitty:Joshua.

The Chief:Joshua?!

The Chief:How did you met Joshua in the first place?

Agent Kitty:Well, I asking Joshua, who was standing by his police car.

The Chief:Do you remember what his car look like? what color did he have?

Agent Kitty:Black and White.

Agent Kitty:And also there's a words say on the side of the police car.

The Chief:What's was the words say on the police car?

Agent Kitty:To protect and serve.

The Chief:Okay.

The Chief:Is there any more you can tell me?

Agent Kitty:No.

The Chief:Then you may all leave.

Agent Kitty:Okay.

Agent Dudley:Sure.

  • The agents exits the chief office*
  • The Chief's phone ringing*

The Chief:Hello?

Monica:Hi this is Monica the president, I want to talked to you now.

The Chief:So, what are you want to talk about?

Monica:About your agents losing their jobs!!

The Chief:(shocked) WHAT?! WHY?!

Monica:Because your agents didn't stopped those criminals from robbing the bank!

The Chief:But, we will stopped those criminals in no time!

The Chief:But, please give us chances.


The Chief:Yes!

The Chief:Just give us chances now!

Monica:No! I am not giving you chances!

  • All the agents the troopers members hear the chief yelling inside his office, and going to checked it out, and all the agents and the troopers members enter the chief office*

Agent Bobby:What's is going on here?

Agent Jumbo:Why are you yelling at?

Agent Moby:Who are you talking to?

The Chief:I'm talking to Monica, The President.

Agent Kitty:What does she say to you?

The Chief:She said that we are going to lose our jobs!!!

  • All the agents shocked and gasps*

Agent Dudley:WHAT?!


The Chief:Because we didn't stopped those criminals from robbing the bank.

Agent Kitty:Oh, I knew it!

The Chief:But, please give us one chances, we promises we won't let you down.

Monica:*sighs* Okay, I will give one chances.

The Chief:Finally.

Monica:But, if you don't let me down, then you and the rest of your agents won't lose all of your jobs.

The Chief:You hear it agents, the president won't let us lose our jobs.

Agent Bobby:Yes!!

  • All agents and troopers members cheer up*

Monica:One more thing, if you let me down for this time, then I will closed or shut down your T.U.F.F. headquarters and you and the rest of your secret agents and your troopers members will lose all of their jobs, and then I will The Petropolis City Police Department will take care of this.

The Chief:Fine, we will stopped those criminals from hurting innocent civilians.


The Chief:Is there any more you can tell me?

Monica:Nope that's is.

The Chief:Okay, bye now.


  • The Chief and The President done talking to each other*

Agent Kitty:What does the president say to you?

The Chief:Monica said if we stopped those criminals from hurting innocent people, then she won't let us lose our jobs.

Agent Dudley:Thank Goodness.

The Chief:But one more thing, she said if we let Monica down for this time, she's gonna closed or shut down our T.U.F.F. headquarter, and then me and the rest of my agents will lose our jobs. And then she said she will let The Petropolis City Police Department will take care of this.

Agent Dudley:What?! the police can take care of this?!

The Chief:Yep.

Agent Dudley:This is ridiculous.

The Chief:I know.

The Chief:You may all of you can get out of my office.

Agent Dudley:Sure.

  • The agents and trooper members exits out the chief's office*

Agent Dudley:What should we do?

Agent Kitty:I don't know.


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