"Dog Adventures"
Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate: September 18, 2012
Writer(s): User:Anti-Cosmo Dude
Director(s): Butch Hartman
Are You Ready to Lose?
Quintin Destroys Nothing

Dog Adventures is the first real episode of T.U.F.F. Puppies. It is directed by Butch Hartman.


Seth Puppywell goes to T.U.F.F. and the Chief has intel that Quintin Matheni is up to his old plans. Connor and Seth put a stop to it.


Seth is starting his day with a bowl of cereal. When he is ready, he drives to T.U.F.F. with his new Seth Mobile. Once he arrives, the Chief has intel that Quintin is up to his old plans and that it's up to him and Connor to stop it. Dudley and Kitty have to stop Charles from stealing all the bacon from the supermarket. Seth and Connor are up to it, and Dudley and Kitty are already headed for the supermarket.

A few minutes later, they arrive at Matheni Evil Inc. Quintin is about to use his new shrink-ray to shrink the citizens of Petropolis and use them as his own pets. Seth and Connor are put in a trap, a lot like how Dr. Doofenshmirtz traps Agent P he mentions. Quintin first uses his ray on a random citizen and he shrinks to the size of a hampster. Luckily for Seth and Connor, Quintin's apartment is made out dirt, so they were able to dig under. However, they landed in the apartment underneath Quintin's and went upstairs. They destroyed the shrink ray and the random citizen returned to normal size. "Curse You, Connor and Seth!" Quintin said. They then took the Seth mobile back to T.U.F.F.

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