"Ditty and Kudley"
Season 1, Episode {{{episode}}}
Airdate: April 29th, 2013
Writer(s): User:PoofFan93
Director(s): Butch Hartman
Tuff Daddy


Kitty and Dudley accidently switch Genders with Keswick's "Gender-Bend" Ray.


The episode starts with Dudley running into work, Carrying a now cordless T.V. with him. Kitty is drinking coffee when Dudley jumps on top of her, Making her spit out her coffee and fall to the ground. Dudley excitedly turns on the T.V. saying a new episode of Quacky The Duck was on. Then the screen show Quacky saying that he was going to be hosting a party for little girls, With the help of his mom, Saying that there would be cookies and ice cream and cake and candy, And everything a little girls likes, This afternoon! Dudley shrieks in excitment, And says that he was definitely going to the party, And nothing would stop him. But then Quacky appears again saying that the party was for girls ONLY. Then Dudley faints, crying.Later, Everyone at T.U.F.F. is in the conference room, Where Keswick is showing off his newest invention, Which he called the "Gender-Bend Ray". Everyone begins "Oooing" and "Awwwing", And Dudley hatches a plan, Thinking that if he switched genders with the Ray, He could go to Quacky's party. But then Keswick explains that the Ray can only switch genders if you are also switching them with a different girl or boy. Then Dudley decides to ask Kitty to help him. Dudley asks if he could borrow the Ray, And Keswick sighs, Giving Dudley the ray. Kitty is walking near the door when Dudley busts in, Knocking her out. Then Dudley agrees to himself saying that this would work to, And pulls the trigger on the Ray. Then a bright pink and blue flash follows, Kitty was originally in the pink flash, While Dudley in the blue, But they automatically switch flashes, Then a giant explosion happens, And the smoke clears, Revealing a gender-bent Kitty and Dudley.

Kitty (now in a gender-bent form) scolds Dudley (whom also is in a gender-bent form), In which Dudley explains he only did it so he could go to "Quacky's Party for Little Girls". Kitty then tells Dudley that the party was going to end soon, and Dudley then panics. He (now known as a she ) runs out yelling "I'M COMING, QUACKY!", Whilst also dropping the GB Ray when Kitty catches. Kitty sighs, Then hears two familar voices behind her; Keswick and The Chief. Keswick asks Kitty (Genderbent, or course), not knowing who she/he was, who he/she was. Kitty screams while also accidently dropping the GB Ray, which hits Keswick and the Chief, turning them into girls.

More coming soon!

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