D.O.O.M's new agent is an episode of T.U.F.F. puppy. In this episode, D.O.O.M. looks for new agents.


  • Episode starts off at D.O.O.M.*

Snaptrap: Mwuhahaha! Finally, we can destroy T.U.F.F! We're gonna attach them to a giant canapult and plunge them into the ocean!

Ollie: Wow. We did a really good job on the canapult. *canapult falls apart*

Snaptrap: *starts crying*boo hoo! Oh, let's face it guys! We'll never get T.U.F.F! They're perfect! *turns on video screen* They have outstanding weapons *Dudley is shown with a box. A punching hand comes out and puches him.* smart agents *Kitty is shown walking, then slips over a puddle of water* a super science guy *Keswick is shown making some kind of liquid. He drinks it and his head turns purple* and a leader that's always on task *The Cheif is shown sleeping in his office*.

Larry: Sure Snaptrap you haven't done that before. *Flashback. Snaptrap is shown sleeping at his desk, in the closet, in the bathroom and other places*

Sorry I haven't worked on it that much, I'll countinue later.

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