Cricket le Chiot (or Cricket) is a new recruit to the T.U.F.F. agency. She was born in Lyon, France, where she was lovingly adopted by an ex-police officer named Pierre. Before she was a year old, Pierre and Cricket moved to Petropolis where her father started a new life with his daughter. Everything seemed perfect. Cricket and Pierre grew closer as a family, and they lived peacefully in the city.

Nineteen years later, her world turned upside down. An army of escaped convicts attacked them in their apartment home - and Pierre told her to leave until it was safe for her to come back. Unfortunately, when she came back to her home, he was gone. And so, she sought it her duty to find out what happened to him, and seeked T.U.F.F. for help.


Cricket is extremely shy and soft-spoken. She tries to keep positive, even when things aren't going too well. She likes cute and colorful things, and often wears something bold (such as a multi-colored scarf, or hairband) with her T.U.F.F. outfit.


She is a siamese breed with cream colored fur, and patches of brown on her tail, hands, feet, and face. Her eyes are light blue, and her hair is shoulder-length and curly. She's an inch shorter than Kitty, making her stand at an even 5 foot, 5 inches.

Extra information

When a ferocious battle took place between T.U.F.F. and D.O.O.M., Cricket found herself unable to fight - and was blasted in her left shoulder by a powerful gun. Unfortunately, the damage done to her was permanent and her scars will always be there - but luckily the T.U.F.F. doctors were able to construct metal plating across her shoulder to protect the sensitive tissue and muscle there.

She does on occasion succumb to her animal instincts. She will purr when shes happy, and hiss when shes afraid or angry. She gets extremely happy when given catnip and will become highly playful and hyper - and will pretty much be on the go until her energy burns out and she collapses from exhaustion. She adores string and "hordes" balls of yarn in her home for hours of play and enjoyment! - don't open the closet door in her house... EVER.


  • She is currently undergoing training by her T.U.F.F. trainer Kitty Katswell to better enhance her hand to hand combat.
  • She shared her first kiss with an ex-convict, Sharing Moose. Since then, the two have been secretly dating.

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