Charles Lewis
Charles Lewis 2
Gender: Male
Hair color:       Black
      Dark Tan
Eye color:       Brown
Species: Cat
Age: 22
Birthday: April 19, 1995
Personal Information
  Actor, Director and Writer of Cal Lewis Cal Lewis Super Spy and other shows
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Cal Lewis Super Spy 2: Night Of The Living Cal
Voiced by:

Charles Lewis is an Actor, Director and writer of Cal Lewis, Cal Lewis Super Spy, Boy puppet and Boy puppet's Dog and other YouTube programs.

Charles made an appearance in Cal Lewis Super Spy 2: Night Of The Living Cal at Grunty Industries where he was working on some plains for the 3rd Cal Lewis Super Spy movie Cal Lewis Super Spy 3: Cal Returns to Showdown Town until he meets his character Cal Lewis and tells him what's happening next for Cal Lewis Super Spy.

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