Cal Lewis Super Spy
Cal Lewis Super Spy
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Created By:

Charles Lewis and Butch Hartman


Rare Limited

YouTube, LLC

Nickelodeon Productions

 Cal Lewis Super Spy is a fanfic series based on the Cal Lewis fanfic series and Butch Hartman's series T.U.F.F. Puppy


When Cal's mom ground Cal for a mouth Cal wants to runaway but he wanted finish watching T.U.F.F. Puppy. Then during a thunderstorm the lighting bolt hit a power line that shocked Cal and made Cal's idem coller open a portel on Cal's TV that made Cal got sucked inside and turned into a cat. when Dudley breaked Cal's item coller Cal is stuck in Petropolis until Keswick can get his item Collar fixed. That's why Cal's been staying with Kitty Katswell until he can get back to Richmond in his world. However after when Cal and the others saved Richmond from King Snaptrap and the Snapbots in Cal Lewis Super Spy The Movie: The Cal Went Back Cal's mom let Cal stay in Petropolis with Dudley and Kitty and Dorothy's parents let Cal and Dorothy continue dating.