Bug Gone Bonkers is the 20th episode in the 1st season of T.U.F.F. Puppy.

Plot: Dudley finds out that there's a new type of Rabies that can only spread in bugs! While Dudley fears for the Chief's safety and Keswick tries to make a gel that can keep the germs away, the Chief isn't worried AT ALL! But soon, the Chief's old arch-nemesis, The Beastle, arrives at T.U.F.F. with the disease, and when Dudley tries to defeat the old enemy of The Chief, he realizes that there's a lock on a forcefield that The Beastle's in, which makes him INVINCIBLE!!! Can Dudley save the Chief, or will the Chief get the new Roach Rabies?



Running Gags


  • The Beastle's name is a pun on "The Beatles" and "beast".

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