Eye color:

one brown, one blue


Wolf Deity


15(but is said to actually be anceint)

Fur color:

blue with black designs


LenKagamine2(When Len Kagamine was kidnapped and she had to find him by disguising as him to get backstage to find informantion)


A energenic Wolf who can be a Hero or Villain without warning! She loves to mess with peoples' minds, and often hypnotizes others with her charming eyes and words; making them believe that she is a queen and they are to serve her. She can fool even the strongest minds. Despite some of her evil intentions, she loves to protect anyone from harm, perferably children; she'll protect children even if Evil and corrupted. Her intelligence and powers make her nearly impossible to defeat!

She is a backstabber agent who works for T.U.F.F. and D.O.O.M., but typically works alone in secret. Despite betraying the teams repeatedly for her own psychotic purposes, she's allow to still work without any supervision (probably because she talks her way out of things with her unusual charm). Bluefirewolf also has many alter egos(too many to count), but mainly an Evil and a Good one(and herself which is a mixture of the two).


Bluefirewolf has many powers:

  • Shapeshifting
  • Stealing Powers(sometimes by analyzing/scanning techniques-other times by a simple touch or poke)
  • Charming/Hypnotizing
  • Healing Others/Self
  • Super Speed(rarely used or works right)
  • Abnormal Charm/Aura(able to persuade those)
  • Abnormal Strength(sometimes works-similar to that of the Nine Tail Fox, Kurama)
  • Abnormal Intelligence(analyzing targets every move)
  • Replacing/Stealing Objects (Ex:If an enemy is holding a blaster-if she simply says "Why are you holding a(n) *blank*?" The enemy will notice his blaster is gone and is replaced with the other item while bluefirewolf is holding the blaster)

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